If I Ever Leave This World Alive

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Grateful Heart He's Gone Again


16 dead, 30 ill, Amanda getting sweatier all the time.

Everybody: "Yah yah yah!"
Amanda: "I know, but we're dealing. Nolan's Lawkeepers are keeping everybody inside, we're waiting on a cure..."
Datak: "But what about the Irathients? They're plague carriers!"
Amanda: "So are humans, what's your point?"
Datak: "Not the same thing. It's time you humans understood the truth about the Irathient race."
Amanda: "Oh, this should be good."
Rafe: "As a fellow huge racist, I'd like to hear him out."

Because the Irath don't get sick -- I would say, because they're in balance with Irzu -- they have a reputation of being plague carriers, unclean: The opposite of the truth, but you can see how it works out. Amanda's not having that shit, although Rafe has another point: That because they never show symptoms, they can spread things around for weeks without anybody figuring it out.

Rafe: "Let's round them all up, and put them in the mines."
Amanda: "Uh, do you hear yourself? We told them to stay inside..."
Rafe: "They cannot be trusted. Spirit Riders don't take orders. It'll just be temporary! Probably. And if a few land contracts get signed while we're exterminating the entire race, I mean..."
Ozin: "As the other Castithan on the Council, I agree with Datak via agreeing with Rafe."
Amanda, verbatim: "Ozin, get your head out of Datak's ass and listen. It took a long time to get the Spirit Riders to trust us. We have peace. If we start imprisoning healthy Irathients because they might be carriers, we're gonna have an armed uprising to deal with on top of everything else..."

Rafe goes to the "I have children" place, because he is shameless and the worst, and then the other humans follow: Wouldn't it better to round all of 'em up and stick 'em in a hole, if only because it would protect them from racists? Such as everyone in this room?

We should probably round up the entire population and put them in internment camps, so nobody tries to round them up and put them in internment camps.


The Town Council stacks marbles in an opaque cylinder -- which doesn't really make it secret, since we know how to count -- and it's decided; visually, we transition to where Irisa's prayer group has stacked a cairn to Idanyu, up a roof. They're praying for the humans -- "Idanyu of the flame, there is a storm among our brothers..." -- when Rafe arrives to quarantine them. And as predicted, they are not having it.

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