If I Ever Leave This World Alive

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Grateful Heart He's Gone Again

Nolan: "Drink! (Also, you also.)"
Amanda: "Is it really worth a Greatest Dad mug if you end up getting a bunch of people killed? Would you shoot me to get to her? You need to take it down a few notches, buddy."

Doc Yewll shows up then with the news, right when Amanda's getting up in his face: They've launched the ICBM from the videogame and the cure is on its way.


Amanda: "Connor, you need to pull it together real quick."
Connor: "No, I don't. I need to be very drunk for when we all die."
Nolan: "Sweetheart, we're going on a road trip. You're gonna talk the E-Rep into letting us through the barricade so we can go pick up the cure."
Connor: "As if they're going to let that happen. That creates two problems. First, we all live and Defiance remains an independent territory. Second, we carry the plague you clearly have out into the Badlands."
Nolan: "And yet this is what we're doing. I already got talked out of one dumber thing to do this, so let's go."
Amanda: (Has some plague.)
Connor: "Mandy?"
Amanda: "Don't touch me, because of the plague. And don't call me that, because of dysfunction."


Nicky: "Quentin! How nice to be oily and lizard with you some more."
Quentin: "Should you be smoking cigarettes?"
Nicky: "I really doubt I'm going to live long enough to get cancer. Like did you know everybody is going to die of plague?"
Quentin: "I meant, because you have an oxygen tank. Should you be exploding? is another way I could have worded it."
Nicky: "Blowing up this boxcar diner and everybody in it would be the least shitty thing I have ever done on this show. Now, do you have the Kelevar of the Kolovan for the Kaziri?"
Quentin: "Are you having a stroke? What do any of those words mean?"
Nicky: "You mom isn't actually dead. Bring me the whatever-I-just-said."


Irath: "Hey, remember that time the Castithans rounded us all up and put us in internment camps? Just like is happening right now?"
Irath: "My favorite part was how they killed us with poison gas."
(So we're just gonna go there, huh?)
Irath: "In the Great Diaspora."

Oh you mean we're just gonna fuckin' go there. I don't know about all that. I don't know that it's really necessary to go there. You've already got the Indian dude doing white people things to 'em, we got the ghost dancing coming up in a sec, I mean, let's just calm down for a sec. What next, the Irath end up building the railroad? Is all of this necessary all at the same time?

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