If I Ever Leave This World Alive

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Grateful Heart He's Gone Again


The beret-wearing guy that Olfin has talked into seeing Amanda as a threat is named Colonel Marsh. He is not feeling this plan of where the two men save every human life. He is feeling the previous plan, where everybody dies and it's a victory for the E-Rep and then everybody is disenfranchised and he has the gulanite to take on the VC.

E-Rep: "Why don't we go get the cure, and then give it to you. If we feel like it. Which we won't."
Connor: "You have supersnipers capable of killing us at three klicks, yes? So let them babysit us while we pick it up and go right back home."
Nolan: "If the Mayor dies, or if anybody else dies because of you guys being dicks -- which you are, you're just straight-up being dicks -- the survivors will know. You think it's hard wedging your way into Defiance now? There are six thousand humans in Defiance whose deaths are on your head."
Connor: "I would not suggest shaking on it, as Nolan clearly has plague."


Stahma: "So I was thinking..."
Amanda: "No."
Stahma: "What? I didn't even say anything, even."
Amanda: "You're gonna say that since Datak is immune to the plague, he should take charge of the council while I'm temporarily dying of the plague. And the answer is no, because Rafe is still senior councilmember and will make a fine interim Interim Mayor. As the current Interim Mayor, this is my prerogative."
Stahma: "Sure thing. Right up until your eyeballs start shooting blood everywhere in about one second."


For lack of other outlets, the corralled Irath set up another cairn and go back to praying to Idanyu to save the humans. Now, Irath are great and I'm sure they'd be doing that anyway, but you have to admit that as far as faith-based ass-covering goes, "Dear God, please don't kill all these people with the virus we gave them" does double duty. Anyway, some miner with a lot on her plate, emotionally, decides that the most productive thing to do is to run on in there and kick over their prayer cairn, which leads me to believe that she is an asshole. Like on a given day, this Gail is probably not very cool.

Result: Riot, dead Irathients, bloodbath; Irisa leaving Rathus's corpse behind and climbing the walls, literally this time, screaming. Concept over execution, but it's beautiful and sad, this girl screaming into the bright spotlights: It's every nightmare coming true, that when the chips were down he wouldn't come -- even if she told him not to, he still should -- and there is no escape. It's like being back there: Being just a little girl, a tiny girl, and knowing that her parents, the people who were created to protect her, were wrong, that Thesho Zajino was wrong, and they let him hurt her anyway.

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