The Bride Wore Black

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Don't Look Back Too Often

Tommy: "I found this one drop of blood, does that solve it?"
Kenya: "No, but that's okay. I guess we all did our best."
Clancy: "This guy was dirty and everybody hated him, can we not just assume that he ditched town?"
Tommy: "No, because of the pride of a small business owner. And also being married to Mia Kirschner."


Nolan: "See, but now the small business owner in question is Kenya, who is rad. Do we really want to dig everything up and stir up a bunch of shit? I mean, this show does diddle in tropes every now and then. It seems obvious she Fried Green Tomatoed him. Or Amanda did it because she is a steel magnolia that loves her sister more than anything, besides everyone."

Tommy: "Or maybe something super random, that we will never figure out."
Nolan: "That also seems like something that would happen on this show."

Kenya: "Are we still talking about Hunter Bell? It's been seven freakin' years, I'm great at my several jobs, I keep this entire town going -- why are you up my ass?"
Nolan: "Do you recognize this belt buckle?"
Kenya: "Yeah, from when he would beat the shit out of me. Uh, I mean, I miss him so!"


Nicky: "You'll do great, officiating this wedding that is almost 30 percent likely to happen. Rafe did ask you personally, I guess since we broke up."
Amanda: "It doesn't seem weird to you? Given that Datak is coming after my job?"
Nicky: "It's good optics. You're up there looking authoritative and elegant, blessing a union that symbolizes the entire point of this town..."
Amanda: "Hey, you've actually won an election before instead of having the mayorship handed to you like a sacrificial lamb. Should I be worried that the second-richest and first-assholiest person in town is pointing all his resources at my head? And also did a coup on me last week when I had the plague?"
Nicky: "I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure I'll do something super fucked up before the election to make it irrelevant."

Amanda: "Nolan! Tommy! You both save a dance for me at this weddin g, okay?"
Nolan: "Hey, by any chance did you murder your sister's husband at all?"


Amanda: "Kenya, please stop getting beaten by your husband. It's tacky."
Kenya: "Hey, congratulations on becoming the assistant mayor. I hope one day the mayor gets a mysterious pulmonary condition and you get to be mayor for five minutes."

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