The Bride Wore Black

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Don't Look Back Too Often

Amanda: "I mean he is going to beat you to death."
Kenya: "Hunter sees something in me that no one else does... and look at your choices, how about? Secret abortions, freezing out Connor Lang! At least I have a husband!"
Amanda: "Okay probably I need to kill him, then."
Kenya: "We found love in a hopeless place!"


Nolan: "Nicky, could you leave? You're creepin' me out."
Amanda: "Look, it's a shame about Hunter. I don't know what you want. He was charming, rich, handsome, kinda dangerous. A bully, one might say..."
Nolan: "Like to your sister?"
Amanda: "They found love in a hopeless place. She was devastated when he disappeared, against my wishes."


Tommy: "Everybody is lying! It makes my tummy hurt."
Nolan: "If one of the Rosewater sisters killed Hunter Bell, I am okay with that."
Tommy: "But justice and stuff!"
Nolan: "Have you met either of those ladies? I trust their judgment implicitly. Even you admit he was a dick, and you're not honoring Clancy by stirring this shit up even though that's what you're trying to do. I'm your Clancy now, so go put on your weddin' clothes and no more backtalk."


Rafe: "For sure one thing that is not happening is, my daughter is not wearing an S&M hockey mask to her wedding. This looks like some kinda Dragon Age shit."
Datak: "This is one of six heirlooms my wife and I were able to bring to your accursed planet. It is concentrated history and you will respect it."

Of course he takes the tack that it's not even really a wedding unless the bride is blinded, and of course Rafe takes the tack that he's paying for this shit so let's talk about who defines what is and is not a wedding. Datak starts yelling about how Rafe is a cracker and it's just so icky.

Datak: "You humans believe you're so superior, the truth is you're primitives! Your minds are dull, your hands are clumsy, the scent of your pink skin sickens me..."
Rafe: "Does this skin look pink to you?"
Datak: "You all look the same. Boom."
Rafe: "Then why are you letting your boy marry one?"
Datak: "Um, because... Alak wishes it. I believe in love?"
Rafe: "Then you won't mind that I rewrote my will turning the McCawley mines over to a trust to benefit the Irathient settlers we stole 'em from? I don't want Alak and Christie inheriting a tainted legacy."

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