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A Strange Man

The women walk in then, just in time to interrupt before the guys figure out they're talking about different things. When Carlos sits down, Susan sticks her boobs in his face as she offers him food, saying she has two nice big meatballs for him. He says he's fine. Gaby says she saw him leering at Susan's breasts, and Susan asks Gaby to leave Carlos alone. Gaby: "Oh my God! It's you." She says Susan's the one having the affair with Carlos, which makes sense with all the phone calls to this house. He asks if she looked at his phone, and she's like, "Yes, and thank God I did." She turns to Susan: "Whore!" Carlos asks if Gaby's lost her mind; he's not having an affair with Susan. He asks Mike if he believes him, and he says he guesses, but why is Carlos calling over here all the time. Carlos says he isn't, and asks Susan to confirm it for him. She says, "Forget it, Carlos. We might as well confess." Carlos: "Confess WHAT?!" Susan tells Mike that he wouldn't take her money, and she always knew Carlos had a thing for her, so she told him she'd sleep with him if he would loan Mike money. Gaby fake-gasps, and Mike gets up to fight Carlos. Carlos says he didn't touch her, but only loaned the money to a friend, who screwed him over by buying a piano. Mike repeats the piano was an inheritance, so Carlos asks about the earrings. Mike asks her if she bought diamond earrings, and she says, "Oh, yeah, with the $50,000 you borrowed from Carlos." The guys figure out they've been had. Susan asks Mike if he feels betrayed and humiliated, because she only did this to show him what it feels like when the person who's supposed to love you the most lies to you. Gaby says she just did it because she wants a ski chalet.

Later, Mike and Susan are alone. He doesn't know what to say so she'll know how sorry he is. She says she does know and she's not looking for another apology. What she is looking for is his word that he won't freeze her out like this again. He swears, and she says good. The camera backs up to show piles of bills. She asks if it's everything, and he asks if she wants him to walk her through it. She says no, she just wants to get a sense of where they stand; she'll ask if she has questions. He kisses her on the head and leaves her there, crying over his bills.

At the hospital, Angie asks him why they're putting him in a coma on purpose, since his brain seems fine. "It's not like you think you're Napoleon." Nick looks at her and she makes sure he doesn't think he's Napoleon. He says there's a little swelling pushing against his skull, and they say this is going to relieve it. He says he'll only be out a couple of days, and tells her to be with Danny. She says she was thinking of bringing him back, since it's been three days and nothing's happened. She's starting to think Nick was wrong, but he says they're not taking any chances. He starts to get out of the hospital bed and says he'll drag her out of town himself. She says she'll go stay with Danny if it will keep him from killing himself. He says okay, and tells her she's easy to get along with. She shakes her head and gives him a kiss.

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