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A Strange Man

When she gets home that night, there are candles everywhere. Patrick, behind her, says, "Hey, Angie." She turns and he says she doesn't seem surprised to see him. Then he tells her he's already found her gun, so don't bother running to get it. She tells him to go to hell, and he says the suburbs must be forcing her to think in clich├ęs. She says it was him who ran over Nick, and Patrick asks if she'd believe him if he said it was an accident. She says he'll never find Danny, and he says that's okay; they're not that close. She asks if he's going to kill her and he says no, he needs her alive. She's going to do him a favor. She asks what kind, and he says they'll discuss it tomorrow. He's had a long couple days, what with searching the house for firearms and running down Dudley Douchebag. He asks which way to the guestroom, and she asks if he really thinks she'll let him stay here. He says she has no choice, because if she calls the cops, they'll arrest her and Nick. She asks if he isn't afraid she'll kill him in his sleep. He's not, because the past 20 years showed them both she's not a killer. He says if she runs away, she should stop and say goodbye to Nick, who won't be around long if she runs. He says to do what he says, and he'll let them both live.

MAVO's back, talking about mysterious men. First, Patrick. "They make promises they have no intention of keeping." Then Sam. "They tell lies to get what they want." Eddie. "They may be more dangerous than they seem." Cut to Susan. "Yes, our mothers told us we cannot trust the men we don't know." She turns to Mike. "And those we do know? Well, we can't always trust them either."

Next week: Announcer guy says words like revenge, money, betrayal, power, sex and blackmail. Patrick points a gun and we hear a gunshot. Gaby calls someone a liar. Lynette says there's no way her son hurt that girl. The announcer says there are no words to describe the danger coming to Wisteria Lane. Susan's voice: "Oh my God." Patrick grabs Angie. Bree tells someone (presumably Sam) to get out.

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