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Gaby can't believe everyone works now -- Bree, Susan, now Lynette -- so she's having coffee with Tom. She wants to gossip, so he tells her someone got a new Harley. She says she should probably leave, but he asks her to be patient since he's new at this. So she starts, by complaining about how Carlos is too busy to do anything -- namely, sex. Tom's a little uncomfortable, but tells her to go on. She says it's been almost two weeks, and he's horrified that she thinks that's a drought. She says Carlos doesn't want to do it lately, but Tom says that guys want to do it even if they're exhausted, get home late, and have been shot in the leg twice. They always want to. Gaby just has to push past the tired adult to find the horny teenage boy inside. Gaby says Tom's good at girl talk. He thanks her and asks if Lynette ever talks about him and sex. Gaby says she should get back home and leaves.

Karl's at the school. He can't believe Susan called him down here for a picture of a kid playing with a soccer ball. I saw the picture and I'm not sure how delusional he'd have to be to see it as that, but ... definitely very. She says it's a head, and it's someone stabbing someone with a sword. The principal's there, and he tells Karl there's generally a problem when a child exhibits this type of behavior. He gets a call and leaves the room. Karl is mad that Susan ratted out Evan, but she says she told the school psychologist, who told the principal. She does point out that his son is crazy, though. He thinks she's just still mad at him, and doesn't want Evan in the class. They scream back and forth a lot, very loudly. The principal comes in as Karl tells Susan to bite her. Susan says they're just having a difference of opinion. Karl tells the principal that his opinion is that Susan has no creativity. She tells him to shut up, and the principal is shocked. Karl tells the principal this is typical Susan behavior, and looks at her and adds that she wonders why no man can stay with her. She throws a cup of red paint in his face, then asks the principal if this would be any less shocking if he knew they were once married for 12 years. He seems to think so.

Bree's on the phone, telling someone named Mr. Dinsmore that, even though she said she wasn't interested in selling before, she'd now like to make a deal to sell him her business. The camera spins around her until we see Orson sitting next to her watching expectantly. She sets up a meeting with Mr. Dinsmore for the next day.

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