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Edie's giving Mrs. McCluskey her groceries the next day, which is nice, but then she calls her old. So it balances out. Edie tells Mrs. McCluskey that Creepy Dave's camping, and Mrs. McCluskey replies that it's good for him to enjoy the great outdoors and gut a bunch of teenage kids on prom weekend. Edie jumps to Creepy Dave's defense, about how hard of a life he's had. She tells Mrs. McCluskey that he was married, and his wife and daughter died in an accident, so if his behavior seems strange sometimes, Mrs. McCluskey should try to remember the grief he's carrying. Mrs. McCluskey lost a kid, so she knows what it does to you, and she wishes she'd known. Edie says she does now, so to be more understanding. Mrs. McCluskey then invites Edie over to drink and listen to Dean Martin. Isn't it morning? Anyway, Edie goes along, as the fax machine continues to store its message, with the fax paper now purchased but not yet put in the machine.

Bree looks lovingly at her catering kitchen and her cookbook cover, awards, and accolades, when Andrew comes in to tell her that Mr. Dinsmore is waiting for her. In the meeting, Mr. Dinsmore says he's surprised she'd sell since she always said she wouldn't. Orson tells Mr. Dinsmore with a satisfied smile that Bree's a very traditional woman, which is one of the reasons he fell in love with her. Mr. Dinsmore asks if she's stopping working completely, or will she write another cookbook? She has decided to focus on other pursuits, and Orson agrees that her only ambition will be to be Mrs. Orson Hodge, and he couldn't be more excited. Orson takes Mr. Dinsmore upstairs to get the contracts she's left up there, and Andrew takes the time alone to lecture Bree about doing this for Orson. She tells him that her cookbook was not a lie: She is a traditional woman, and believes in the things she wrote about. She would be a hypocrite if she preached these values and didn't follow them herself. Andrew gets it -- she loves him -- but he wonders why Orson would want her to stop doing what makes her happy if he loves her. Andrew leaves.

Back at the office, Lynette tries to make nice with Lucy by giving her a glass figure. Lucy snarks, "Cute," but then places it on the opposite side of the desk from her figurine collection. She then tells Lynette she knows she's the one who complained to Carlos. Lynette says she spoke to Carlos briefly, but she thought he blew her off. Lucy thinks that's a flimsy defense, and tells Lynette to consider Friday night a permanent work night, adding a final blow by saying that if Lynette is as bad at coaching as she is at office politics, it's good for her daughter that she won't be coaching the team.

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