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Orson and Mr. Dinsmore come back, and he tells her all he needs is her signature. She asks Mr. Dinsmore if she can speak to her husband alone. She tells him this is happening too fast. He says he needs this for his recovery. She asks for a year, but he says she made a promise. She tells him that this business gives her a sense of joy and accomplishment, and asks if that's really something she'd like her to give up. He says yes, and calls Mr. Dinsmore back in. Mr. Dinsmore asks if they're ready, and she tells him no, that she's changed her mind. She will be doing another cookbook after all. Dinsmore leaves and Orson asks what about him; he might start stealing again. She tells him to steal what he must, but it won't be her company.

In the cabin of doom, Katherine giggles to Creepy Dave about how Mike is out like a light on the couch already. Creepy Dave says fishing will do that to you. Katherine says he'll need energy for their hike tomorrow, but Creepy Dave says he's not going to go with them. His knee's been bothering him. She says they can wait until the next day, but he says that's okay, especially since it's such a romantic hike that they should do alone. She tells him what a good attitude he has -- how he always sees the silver lining. He says it doesn't come naturally, and she asks his secret. Oh my, Katherine! Where should he start? He tells her he realized he was waiting for someone to fix things, but no one was going to, so he took matters into his own hands. He had to decide what was important and go after it, to make himself happy. She asks if he is happy, and he says he's getting there. Is he crazy?! This will not make him happy. Oh, wait, he totally is crazy, so logic cannot be applied here. He tells Katherine to get some sleep, since she has a big day tomorrow.

Carlos arrives home late, still on the phone with Lucy, who's scheduled a meeting for 7 a.m. He puts up a little fight, but says he'll see her there. Gaby's in the closet in a shiny robe. When he asks why she's awake, she says seductively that she couldn't sleep, since she was a little hot. She strips off the robe to reveal a sexy teddy. She tells him he looks a little warm himself. She pushes him on the bed and jumps on him. He tells her he thought they were waiting until the weekend, and he's tired. She says it's not her problem, but he points out that if big Carlos is tired, that rules out little Carlos, too. Gaby tells both Carloses that they're putting out. She starts kissing him, but he flips her over, telling her he's awake now and he'd like to spice it up. He ties her to the bed frame and then leaves her there so he can go to another room and get some sleep. Seriously? That is grounds for divorce.

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Desperate Housewives




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