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The Most Shocking Episode Ever

Susan's once again collecting her students' artwork. She compliments them all, and then sees Evan walking toward her. He sets down a painting of a house. She's pleasantly surprised and tells him how pretty it is. He says it's not his. Annie asked him to bring hers up. His is under Annie's. It's a man stabbing a woman, who's bleeding. Susan looks shocked and Evan just smiles sweetly at her.

Edie's finally putting the paper in the fax machine, as Katherine and Mike are heading on their hike the next morning. So, we are supposed to believe she went shopping the next morning, had some drinks and waited another day to do this? Whatever. Anyway, they head out for their hike as Creepy Dave pretends to sleep. Then he jumps up, gets his gun and takes off running through the woods. Edie's fax arrives and she sees Mike's photo. Creepy Dave plants himself behind a tree, with a clear shot of Katherine, as she and Mike hike. His phone beeps as he's about to shoot, and the gun fires. He hits a tree right by Katherine. Mike and Katherine take off, and Creepy Dave reads his text from Edie, which says she knows everything, and to come home now. Creepy Dave finds Mike and Katherine and pretends he came out because he heard the gunshot, which sounded like a hunting rifle. Katherine would just like to leave, please. Mike apologizes to Creepy Dave, who's also sorry. But not for, you know, trying to shoot Katherine. But for not managing to kill her, or even hit her. Damn wives and their texting!

Gaby opens a gift from Carlos of fancy shoes. She looks at them skeptically and opens the card, which says, "Sorry about last night. I love you. Carlos." She hollers for Juanita and Celia to get their coats on, because they're going to see Daddy at work.

Karl shows up at Susan's house to see Evan's latest masterpiece. She says she didn't tell the school because this kind of self-expression tends to get a kid expelled. Karl just wants to see it. He looks, and says, "Oh hell." Susan tells Karl that his son has some serious anger issues and he needs to figure out what's going on. Karl knows what's going on. The woman being stabbed in the picture is his mom. Susan wonders why he'd draw a picture of her like this, and Karl confesses that she left them six weeks ago. He says he woke up one day to find her standing there, all packed. She said she was overwhelmed, and wasn't cut out to be a mother. Karl says bitterly that he's alone, raising Evan, and it's obvious he's not doing a good job. He thinks Susan must be loving this since he did the same thing to her. I'm loving it, mostly because I love Karl, so I like having him on the show. Karl basically tells Susan he now understands everything she's gone through. She says she used to hope Karl would one day know what this felt like, but now she's so sorry that he does. She touches his hand. I wonder if they'll get back together? That would be more than a little weird.

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