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Gaby comes in to Lynette's office, and says she knows she's busy but she just wanted to drop off the girls for a second so she can talk to Carlos. She tells the girls to have fun with Aunt Lynette, and takes off before Lynette can protest. She gives Carlos the shoes, and asks if he thinks he can buy her off with a present. He says it's not a good time, but she says she doesn't know if he'll even be home tonight. He closes his office door and says she pushed him to take this job, but now all she does is complain. She knows, but she's scared they're turning into the people they used to be: She's unhappy at home, and he's too tired to make her feel loved. She says they made these mistakes before and doesn't want to do it again. He tells her he made a commitment to the job, and can't just bail. She knows, and that's what really scares her.

Out in the hall, Juanita and Celia are bored. Lynette's already given them sodas and let them use the paper shredder. They would like some toys, please, and they just happen to spot the toys on Lucy's desk. Lynette tells them that Lucy will go bonkers if they play with those... and she's so sorry she can't stop them. The girls go play with them, and Lucy comes in and starts screaming. Lucy asks what the hell they're doing, and I think she might have met her match with Juanita, who says, "We're playing. What does it look like?" Lucy sees the cleaning lady in the hallway and assumes these are her kids. Next thing we know she's yelling at the lady about how much "dinero" those imported figurines are worth.

Carlos and Gaby come down the hall, and he asks Lynette what's with the yelling. She tells him she's just as worried as he is. When Carlos rounds the corner and sees Lucy, the kids and the cleaning lady, he asks what's going on. She tells him that, "Apparently, some people don't understand this is a place of business and they need to keep their kids at home." Carlos tells her she needs to yell at him, then, since these are his kids. The girls run over to Carlos and Gaby. The maid smirks. Lucy stutters that she didn't know that, and thought they were the cleaning lady's. [I realize the kids weren't at their dinner party, but Carlos has never shown her pictures of his kids? - Z] She says she's sorry, but Carlos asks her so what if they were the cleaning lady's? Is that how she talks to people? Um, yes. How could Carlos not have noticed that already? She tells him she's just stressed. He tells her they should maybe pull back a little, but she says if she wants this company at number one, that's how it has to be. And if he doesn't, she's not his girl. He says he was just thinking the same thing. She asks what happened to the old Carlos, who would do anything to be the best? He guesses he's not the old Carlos anymore. Gaby smiles. Lynette goes by Lucy's office and baby talks for her not to forget her little animals.

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Desperate Housewives




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