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The Most Shocking Episode Ever

Orson's making up his bed on the couch, because he forgot they have a guest room, apparently. Bree asks him to please come to bed. He won't, so she tells him she knows he's mad, but she really does want to find a way for him to be happy. He says he does, too, and shuts off the light. She goes upstairs to bed, and he immediately slips out of the covers and gets up. Outside, Creepy Dave and Mike arrive home. Creepy Dave wants to get his stuff tomorrow, since he really wants to get home. We see Orson walk by in the background, and then focus on him as he spots an open window in the neighborhood.

Creepy Dave arrives home, where Edie's sitting with a glass of wine on the stairs. She tells him she always wondered why he was so determined to live on Wisteria Lane. She says he always said they'd be happy here, and she wanted to believe him, but now she knows he just wanted to be close to Mike Delfino. She holds up the fax of the article. He asks who gave her that, and she says nobody; she's not too stupid to do research. He tells her this doesn't mean anything, but she says it's all there: the accident, Mike's acquittal, and even a mention of how David Dash couldn't make it to the funeral because he had a nervous breakdown. He tells her to give him a chance to explain. She tells him to start by explaining why he married her. He says he loves her, and she says, "No!" She says he needed a cover story, and to get close to the man who killed his family. He tells her that's ridiculous, and she agrees that it's insane, but that it's the only logical explanation. She asks if he's going to hurt Mike, and she wonders what the hell he's been waiting for. Creepy Dave tells her she's not feeling well, and wants to get her into bed. She calls him a freak and asks if he moved them there to hurt Mike. Creepy Dave says Mike destroyed everything he ever loved (uh, didn't you just say you love Edie?), and he was never punished. He says he needs to make things right. She cries, asking him why he had to do this when they could have been so happy. She picks up her phone to call and tell Mike before Creepy Dave does something stupid. He asks her not to, but she dials. He takes the phone from her and starts choking her. She tries to get away, but he lowers her to the ground and keeps choking. He suddenly has a moment of non-crazy and lets her go. She gasps, looks freaked, and runs out as he stands back and cries, with his hands up like he'd never hurt her.

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Desperate Housewives




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