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Previously: Lila Dash's death in an accident led to the end of Susan and Mike's marriage. Susan found out Katherine and Mike were dating. A doctor told Carlos he could regain his sight. And another doctor told Bree and Orson that a procedure would alleviate his snoring. And Creepy Dave told another lie. This one was a doozy, though, since he said he saw Porter Scavo at the crime scene (you know, the one Creepy Dave actually committed).

Mary Alice tells us that Lynette wakes up and realizes she can't remember the last time her family had breakfast together, so she makes breakfast and threatens her family with violence if they don't stay and eat. So they do, but one of the twins tries to leave before Lynette's ready, and she's not having any of it. He asks Tom to "Make mom let me go," and Tom says the most awesome thing ever, which is, "Everyone at this table who thinks I have the power to make your mom do anything, raise your hand." No one raises so much as a finger. Poor Tom. Just then the doorbell rings, and it's the cops looking for Porter. Tom and Lynette are acting shocked, which is sort of stupid since they knew he was a suspect, but whatever. Porter walks up to the door, in a different shirt than the twin who tried to escape. Aha! So that was Preston. Thank you, wardrobe department. Porter's arrested despite Lynette and Tom's protests and assurances that Porter had nothing to do with the fire. The cops tell them a witness has stepped forward. They take Porter away and Tom tells Lynette they'll get through this, and goes inside to call a lawyer. Mary Alice continues that Lynette couldn't remember how long it had been since her family had had breakfast together ... and she couldn't know how many years it would be before they'd have breakfast together again. Now, that just makes me sad, Mary Alice. Why'd you have to go and drop such a bad spoiler right at the start of the episode?

After the credits, Mary Alice says it's an awful thing to live in the dark, but that sometimes a flicker of light brings hope. And we're inside Carlos's head seeing light and some fuzzy shapes. Gaby's upset that's all he sees, but the doctor says that's all that's expected, but it means he'll be able to see more. But they have to keep his dark glasses on. Carlos mistakes the doctor for Gaby and then Gaby starts making out with him (Carlos, not the doctor). Apparently, mistaken identities is a real turn-on for her.

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