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Bree and Orson are meeting with their doctor, in what seems like a follow-up appointment for his snoring. They're all done, so the doctor feels free to get up and take his page and leave the room. Which is when Bree goes around his desk to leave him a thank-you note, which she has all written up but not sealed. On the other side of the desk, she notices a picture of Andrew and the doctor together, engagement picture style (could it be foreshadowing?). Next thing we know, she's asking Andrew how long he's been living with this doctor without telling her. Andrew says Alex (thank you for the first name, so I can stop calling him the doctor) moved in about six months ago. Bree can't believe Andrew would be ashamed to tell them about Alex, since he's a doctor and Andrew did better than Bree herself did. Orson interjects: "That was a bit of a drive-by." Ha! Poor Orson. But this is all about Bree, and she can't get why Andrew would keep this a secret. He says it's because she's shown no interest in his love life other than handing him a gonorrhea pamphlet once. (I'm glad my husband doesn't use my laptop very often, or he might wonder why I've been recently Googling "gonorrhea." Or, actually, "gonorreah," as I was checking the spelling. Which I clearly needed to do.) She said she wants to know now and will have Andrew and Alex over to dinner tomorrow night. Andrew says he thinks it's cool how she ignores his love life. But she insists, and says they'll expect them at 8. Andrew leaves, and Orson asks if she's sure she wants him there too; after all, he's only a dentist. Uh, yeah, not even that anymore, Orson. You work for Bree now, remember? Oh, wait, "partners." Whatever.

Mike shows up to pick up MJ, with Katherine in tow, to Susan's surprise. Katherine says she's a big fan of the zoo, and would like to tag along. Susan says that's "really, really great" with her. MJ looks a little more annoyed, though, and asks why she has to go. He just wants Daddy. MJ is so cute. I would be so upset if I were Katherine and he hated me. On her way out, Katherine tells Susan she'll find a way to get him to like her.

Tom and Lynette show up to see Porter in jail, with Bob in tow as their lawyer. Lynette, very upset, wants to know why they have a witness. Porter says he has no idea, because he has an alibi, but it's not exactly one that's going to fly. He was at Edie's (don't worry: not sleeping with her) stealing her gun. He wanted to use it to scare Mr. Shilling, not to hurt anyone or anything. And then he hid it in Lynette's flour jar. He wonders if this will work as an alibi, but since no one saw him, Lynette points out it's really more of a confession to another crime. Porter: "Oh."

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