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Gaby comes home and Carlos is holding the girls and crying. She runs in and asks what's wrong. He says he can see them, because everything's starting to come into focus. She's so happy, and they all hug. He's so glad to see his girls. He asks where the painting they bought in Greece is, and she says she had to sell it to make the mortgage. He says he doesn't care about things, just so he has his girls. And she says that's such good news because she also sold his baseball. He's like, "You sold my Lou Gehrig baseball?" She says it's just a thing, but he says it's actually a family heirloom since it was his father's and his grandfather's. Carlos sends the girls to the kitchen for cookies. If they send the girls to the kitchen for treats every time they argue, this might be why the girls have weight issues. Carlos tells Gaby he doesn't care what she has to do, but he wants that baseball back. She tells him that she kept the family afloat for five years. He says he only asked her not to sell two things: the baseball and his watch, and that she only didn't sell the watch because she couldn't get it off his wrist. He wants the baseball back and she's going to get it. Oh, and she might want to not flip him off, since he can see now.

Back at Bree's Alex is complimenting Bree's cooking, so Orson points out that Bree's the top caterer in Fairview. Alex asks if she does weddings, and Andrew kicks him obviously under the table. Alex says he wasn't going to say anything, and Bree asks what. Andrew doesn't want to tell, but they end up saying they're getting married. Alex asks why Andrew would want to keep it a secret. Bree says she's going to handle everything, and Andrew's like, "That's why." Bree hugs Alex and while she does, she notices Bob and Lee whispering more. She says she's going to get a pie and asks Bob and Lee come help her. She makes them tell her how they know Alex: They saw him in an adult movie, "Rear Deployment." Bree can't believe a doctor would be in gay porn. They're positive it's him. They just rented the movie, and kept it long enough to have to pay late charges.

Edie's at Susan's borrowing a corkscrew, when Mike and Katherine show up to pick up MJ for bowling. Susan tries to be nice, but it's very insincere. Susan tells Katherine she had a little talk with MJ so there shouldn't be any problems now. Katherine doesn't believe it, and tells Susan things would be easier with MJ if Susan weren't talking trash. Susan denies it, but Katherine says MJ always liked her before. Mike, Katherine, and MJ leave. Edie tells Susan she might not be talking trash about Katherine and Mike, but her actions are making it clear to MJ that she doesn't like Katherine. Edie says, "Kids pick up on that stuff." Because Edie knows so much about kids? Susan admits the situation is uncomfortable and asks how to fix it. Edie says she doesn't want her to fix it; she lives for her friends being involved in catfights. She thanks Susan for the corkscrew and leaves.

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