Desperate Housewives
A Weekend In The Country

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A Weekend In The Country

Andrew walks up to the Van de Kamp manse. After a moment's hesitation, he knocks. MAVO observes that sometimes "it's easier to just drop what we've been carrying." Bree opens the door. Surprise!

Gabby's home from her spa and luggage ride, and she is saddened by the emptiness of her empty house. MAVO, with unaccustomed literalness: "Assuming, of course, there will be someone there to greet us when we arrive."

Susan lies awake, post-coitally tangled up in Ian's arms, and looks wistful. Because she's sad about what she's just done to Mike? Because she's disappointed with the sexing of an almost-virgin? MAVO: "Why do we clutch at the this baggage, even when we're desperate to move on?"

Edie leans in for a closer look at Mike. MAVO: "Because we all know that there's a chance we might let go too soon." The camera pans over to Mike. And his eyes, they are OPEN!

Up next: Edie tells Mike that Susan's been treating him like "dirt"!

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