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A Weekend In The Country

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A Weekend In The Country

After pausing for credits, we launch into a "packing" montage, MAVO narrating that everyone's leaving town for the "holiday weekend." Fairview, it seems, celebrates Columbus Day in a big way. ["Or, Canadian Thanksgiving." -- Wing Chun] Lynette and Tom exchange a hasty goodbye on the front porch, Tom complaining about how "not fair" it is that Lynette is leaving him with the kids. Lynette points out that what's really "not fair" is the fact that they're low on funds and Tom's "barely even looked for a job." She rushes off with a curt "I love you" delivered without even turning back to look at him. MAVO explains that "Lynette was getting away from growing tension in their marriage."

Lynette walks up to Gabby's car just as Gabby is getting off the phone with Carlos: if he doesn't pony up the spousal support, his "shower buddies from jail will be throwing [him] a welcome-back party." MAVO tells us that Gabby's leaving town to escape "an increasingly bitter divorce."

Susan is zipping up a suitcase while on the phone with the hospital: she's leaving them the phone number where she can be reached while she's off in the "mountains" with a "friend": "And, uh, just in case you were wondering, it's strictly platonic." Julie, who's fiercely concentrating on building a...toy train village (?), mutters, "He wasn't wondering." MAVO: "Susan was getting away from mounting guilt."

Bree, however, is staying put in Fairview this weekend; she's on the phone, frantically and irritably trying to find someone who can help her to locate Andrew. Orson is standing beside her, and Danielle is sitting at the kitchen counter (hey, Danielle! Long time no see! How was your summer?), looking like she's recovering from a very bad perm. Danielle crabs that it "blows" that her "pathetic street junkie" of a brother is coming back to town, and that it's going to ruin her chances at becoming Homecoming Queen, a title she is "this close" to obtaining. Really? Danielle as Homecoming Queen; that must be some high school. Bree lectures, "You know, you could show a little compassion; your brother is out there on the street, struggling to survive!" Danielle: "And whose fault is that?" Ah, sweet relief: I am so glad someone said something! And really, this magical and sudden parental interest from Bree -- after not paying much thought to her booted boy, and after not even having her own daughter in her own wedding -- it does seem a little left-field-ish. Danielle click-clacks out of the kitchen in a huff, and Bree sinks into one of the breakfast stools. Orson tries to comfort her; a teenager who is determined to run away, he says, simply can't be stopped. Bree softly confesses that Andrew didn't really run away; actually she abandoned him at a gas station in the woods. As one does. Bree, head hung in shame: "I didn't tell you because I was afraid of what you'd think of me." This, obviously, is a relationship built on truth and trust. Orson comforts her and hugs up on her, telling her that she "did what [she] had to do," and then he declares that he doesn't want there to be any more "secrets" between them, though somehow I don't think this means that he's going to spill the beans about Operation Plumber Down the Drain. Bree assures Orson that she's all through with secrets.

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