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Ah, But Underneath

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Ah, But Underneath

MAVO: "As I watched Susan, I couldn't help feeling sorry for her. She wanted so much to know why I did it." Susan tucks away the note. "Why I killed myself," MAVO clarifies. Thanks for that, Mary Alice. I thought you meant that Susan really, really, really wants to know why you bought your nightgowns from Land's End instead of Lanz.

And suddenly, it's night. Paul takes the chest out of the back of the car and flings it into…let's say it's a lake. A body of water, anyway. "It's not enough to want the truth. You must know where to look for it. And the truth is elusive. Because it knows where to hide," MAVO finished. Dude, that doesn't even make sense.

Susan's. Julie answers the door to find Mrs. Kravitz, still on her clothing drive. Julie offers to look upstairs for some cast-offs. While she does, Mrs. Kravitz, of course, noses around in the groceries on the table. She first spritzes herself with some perfume from one of the bags -- and who buys perfume at the supermarket? -- and then spies a brand new Pyrex measuring cup in another bag. She examines it suspiciously. Julie scampers down the stairs and finds her holding it. Mrs. Kravitz sputters that she was just admiring the Pyrex measuring cup that nine out of ten cooks in America own. "Yeah, we lost ours," Julie explains. "Really?" Mrs. Kravitz asks. Julie makes a face like she thinks Mrs. Kravitz is a nutjob, and explains that she couldn't find any clothes. "But I can keep looking," she offers. "That won't be necessary," Mrs. Kravitz says. "You've done more than enough. Truly."

KimberBree waits in Dr. Goldfine's office, where the good doctor informs her that Rex can't meet them. "Apparently, there was an emergency at the hospital." Sure. Like KimberBree hasn't heard that before. Like, say, back when she was married to brilliant doctor/evil mastermind Michael Mancini. KimberBree gets up to leave, but Dr. Goldfine wonders if she might like to do the session alone. KimberBree eyes his still-loose suit button. Her peach suit is really fantastic, by the way. She starts to refuse, but can't leave the button like that. "Dr. Goldfine, there is something you can do for me," she tells him. And then orders him to take off his coat.

Over to Gabrielle's, where Susan is explaining the entire Date With Mike Turns Into Cast of Thousands debacle. Gabrielle makes sensitive noises and advises her to get to Mike's early to spend some time with the man before "the barracuda gets there." Susan thinks this is a great idea. "Edie will get there at 5:45, which means her breasts will get there at 5:30, so I should arrive at 5!" she says. And speaking of breasts, the soundstage must be cold, because I have learned a lot about Teri Hatcher's nipples this hour. Apparently, they are still both real and spectacular. Gabrielle smiles kindly and rises to take her thousands of shopping bags upstairs. "I'm going to keep my one little bag and go home," Susan says, but is distracted by Miguel's One Perfect Rose on her way out the door. "This is beautiful," she says, and asks Gabrielle where she got it. "Oh, [Miguel] gave it to me," Gabrielle says, and her face then immediately assumes the "oh shit, I totally shouldn't have said that" position. Susan is all, "Wha?" And Gabrielle sputters that it's a color palate for some new bushes she's having put in. "Oh. Okay. Sure is beautiful, isn't it?" Susan responds in a way that basically says, "I know that's bullshit, but I'm not going to call you on it." Nice acting in that scene from both of them.

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