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Ah, But Underneath

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Ah, But Underneath

Meanwhile, KimberBree is fixing Dr. Goldfine's button and telling him exactly what she thinks of Sigmund Freud. In a nutshell: not much. She calls Freud a "miserable human being," and notes that his mother probably did a ton of work to keep him happy and clothed and fed and he repaid her by "peddling a theory that the problems of most adults can be traced back to something awful that their mother has done." She sighs. "She must have felt so betrayed." Dr. Goldfine listens carefully as KimberBree sighs that she's sure Freud never even thanked his mother for all the hard work she did for him. She sniffs, smoothes her hair, and gives the coat back with a pert, "There you go!" Dr. Goldfine smiles at her thoughtfully. "Just so you know, many of Freud's theories have been discredited," he says. She smiles at him, rather genuinely. "Good!" she chirps.

Lynette. Driving. Screaming. Idle threats. MAVO: "Blah blah blah stuff we can already tell from the scene. Blah blah, this bit of narration is totally unnecessary as far as driving the story goes." Eventually, naturally, Lynette pulls the car over and orders the boys out. "You can't behave, you cannot ride," she says, and then she drives away. The boys watch as she pulls around the corner and gives the baby a triumphant look. "Mommy's a genius," she says, and then quickly pulls the car back around to find the boys…gone. Of course. Naturally, she freaks. She parks the car and -- leaving the baby alone in there -- starts racing around the neighborhood looking for the rest of her children.

After the ads, Lynette is leaning over a front porch, calling for "Porter, Preston and Parker." A woman emerges from the house, and Lynette wonders if she's seen the hellspawn. "Yeah. I also saw you drive away and leave them," Woman says. She adds that she's pretty sure Lynette has anger management issues. "I have four children under the age of six. I absolutely have anger management issues," Lynette retorts. Woman thinks that Lynette "should talk to someone," because her behavior is not particularly normal. And she doesn't think the boys should leave with Lynette until Lynette chills. At this, Lynette screams for the kids, who promptly come running out of the house with cookies. The Woman doesn't think the kids are going to be going anywhere. She roughly grabs Lynette's upper arm. "Let go of me," Lynette gasps. "LEAVE MY MOMMY ALONE," one of the devil children screams, and they're all over the Woman. One of them bites her thigh. Another pushes her into the lawn. "Run, boys! Run!" Lynette yells, and everyone dashes for the car. The Woman comes after them, of course, and as Lynette turns to tell the boys to buckle up, she sees that they already have. She makes a triumphant "huh" look, and drives off as the Woman screams after her about calling Social Services.

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