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Ah, But Underneath

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Ah, But Underneath

Solis house. Gabrielle moons over her rose. Someone honks outside, and she runs out to see Carlos, with a fancy new car, all for her. As she squeals, he runs through the car's specs, noting that it has GPS. I presume that will come into play later, so take note. Carlos looks quite pleased with himself, and Gabrielle seems pleasantly surprised by her new toy. "So, did I take your breath away?" he asks. Gabrielle says that he did. "Is it the best gift you've ever gotten?" he asks. Gabrielle turns away and is clearly thinking of her Single Perfect Rose. MAVO announces that the car meant a lot to Carlos, so Gabrielle lied to him. Which is something I could tell from looking at Eva Longoria's face. So. Yeah. Narration overkill. Er, so to speak. Gabrielle leaps into Carlos's waiting arms as Miguel watches sadly from across the street, mournfully stroking his rake.

Elsewhere on Wisteria Lane, Susan arrives at Mike's house, all hair and boobies. She has yet another run in with Bongo the High-Strung (Police?) Dog, but is eventually rescued by Mike. Susan giggles that she thought she'd come over and help Mike set up…and that's when Edie, clad in a halter top and short shorts, appears over his shoulders. "I don't know why he barks at you," Mike tells Susan, of Bongo. "I wouldn't take it personally. Dogs are very sensitive," Edie says, and then lies down and makes nice with Bongo, who licks her all over. It is true that if you like a man with a dog, it's very important that the dog likes you. Because you will never beat out the dog. Mike smiles as Edie and his animal make out.

Marriage Counseling of the Damned. Rex is yelping that all the problems in his marriage are KimberBree's fault. Wait until she has you committed to a mental institution, buddy. Or runs you over with her car and frames your second wife for framing your first wife, who is also your second wife's sister. KimberBree denies all of this, but Rex wonders what he's done that's been so awful. He says he's been a great husband and it kills her to admit that! Kills her! Dr. Goldfine fingers his button, and wonders if Rex even "acknowledges the benefits of living with [KimberBree]." KimberBree looks slightly triumphant. Oh, I know that look. That's the "watch out, because I just came up with a plan to get you to sign over your portion of Jane Mancini Designs" look. Dr. Goldfine presses the point, saying that Rex has a fairly well-run life. "Do you ever remember to say thank you?" he asks. "'Thank you'?" Rex parrots. KimberBree smiles.

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