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Ah, But Underneath

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Ah, But Underneath

We come back from the ads to met Susan at the vet, where she approaches a worried-looking Mike. He tells her that he's waiting to see if they're going to have to operate on Bongo, and she apologizes for the earring debacle. He returns the apology, telling her he's sorry for snapping. On cue, the vet comes out and tells them that Bongo is fine. "You should be able to take him home in about an hour," he says. Mike takes a relieved seat, and Susan sinks down next to him. Mike tells her that Bongo belonged to his Poor Dead Wife. He promised her -- on her deathbed, no less -- that he'd watch over the dog. MAVO obviouses yet again that it was at this moment that Susan realized Mike was still, like Beyonce, crazy in love with his wife, and that she and Edie were going to have to give him some time before making the move. "So she decided, for now, that she could settle for just being his friend." How nice of her.

Meanwhile, Edie cleans Mike's kitchen. Which, we then learn, is full of firearms! And money! And a map of the neighborhood! All highlighted and everything! He's a very thorough plumber, apparently. MAVO's final thought: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it." Or, you know, something like that.

Meanwhile, over at the Mysterious Lake of Drowned Mysterious Stuff, the Mysterious Toy Chest of Mystery pops up to the surface. Whatever will happen next?

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