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Ah, But Underneath

Speaking of drinks, Susan is sleepily getting her own glass of water at her house. She takes a sip and looks out the window to see Mysterious Mike walking his dog. MAVO makes a rather weak joke about Mysterious Mike being a "tall drink of water" that I won't dignify with an actual recapping -- you'd think the dead would be more clever, but MAVO is a bit hokey -- as Susan sighs. "Dear Diary, Mike doesn't even know I'm alive!" Julie chirps sarcastically behind her mother. Heh. I laughed all three times I saw that moment. Susan weakly tells her daughter to shut up. Julie wisely points out that if Susan wants anything to happen with Mike, she's going to have to ask him out. "I keep waiting for HIM to ask ME out," Susan explains. "How's that going?" Julie cracks. Generally I hate wisenheimer teen characters, but I kinda love her. I think it helps that she doesn't look like a teen model. I mean, she's cute, but she definitely looks her age. "Shouldn't you be making brownies for your nerdy friends?" Susan changes the subject. Julie explains she can't find the measuring cup. Susan plays dumb, but thinks back and remembers how she accidentally set Edie's house on fire when she scampered over there to borrow a cup of sugar. If by "to borrow a cup of sugar," you mean "to try to prevent Edie from sleeping with Mike."

Casa Solis. Gabrielle pretends to sleep as Carlos walks in the bedroom. "I know you're awake," he says. "I know you're a jerk," she retorts. Carlos claims that his business dinner ran long. Gabrielle sits up and informs him that she didn't marry him to have dinner alone six times a week. "Do you know how bored I was today? I came this close to actually cleaning the house." Carlos kind of grins and tells her not to be that way. "I got you a gift," he says. If he's so busy with work, how does he have time to shop? ["His assistant shops, probably." -- Sars] Gabrielle turns her back on him and tells him that he's not going to buy her again. He hands her a long red box. "It's a good gift," he cajoles. Gabrielle opens it. "Is that white gold?" she asks. "Yeah. Put it on. And then make love to me," he directs, kissing her on her shoulder. As a sidebar: Her lavender nightie is fab! Gabrielle sniffs that she's totally not in the mood for nookie. Also, she just got laid. "But we could stay up and talk," she suggests. Carlos chuckles that he didn't want conversation in return for his gift. Gabrielle sighs and flings the box at him. "Hey, that was a joke!" he protests. "Yeah, right," she pouts. Carlos furrows his brow and wonders what the hell is wrong with her. "You've been acting like a nightmare for a month," he says. "What's wrong? I can't fix it unless you tell me." Gabrielle appears to see his point. As do I, I must say. Communication is key, kids. "It's not exciting anymore, Carlos," she says. She wishes their relationship would be the way it used to be. "Surprise me," she asks. "Take my breath away." Carlos looks at her for a long time. "Okay," he says. Aw. I kind of feel for Carlos. He was sort of a jackhole last week, but if she's unhappy, she needs to tell him that.

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