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Ah, But Underneath

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Ah, But Underneath

Meanwhile, Lynette is giving Mrs. Kravitz some clothes for Edie, warning her that most of the clothes aren't all that stylish. "Edie's a beggar now, which means she can't be a chooser," Mrs. Kravitz says. She then pulls out a particularly ugly striped thing. "Of course, we don't have to add salt to the wound," she says, and hands it back. Lynette makes some noise about being in the middle of dinner and Mrs. Kravitz wonders if she did, in fact, get pulled over by the fuzz. Lynette's face falls and explains that she just can't get the boys to settle down. "Young boys can be so willful," Mrs. Kravitz coos. Bolstered by the sympathy, Lynette sighs that she's tried everything. Mrs. Kravitz thoughtfully tells Lynette that once, when she misbehaved in the car, her mother dropped her off by the side of the road and drove off. "Oh, she came back immediately. But I never misbehaved in the car again. You should try that!" she chirps. Lynette makes some noises about how she couldn't leave the boys by the side of the road, but I think she's actually just worried she won't have the strength to turn back and get them. Mrs. Kravitz nods, but says that when it comes to discipline, you must be creative. "My mother knew that. Smart lady. Of course, she's in a home now. Mind's turned to mush," she adds. At this, Lynette smiles, and excuses herself. As do we all.

Mrs. Kravitz scampers off, but runs into Susan and asks if she has any clothes for Edie. "She has nothing to wear," she adds. "I thought that was the look she was going for," Susan offers. Mrs. Kravitz chuckles. "Oh, Susan, Edie may be trash, but she's still a human being," she says, heading on her merry way.

Susan, meanwhile, notices action over at the Mary Alice Maison. She looks down at The Note -- which is in her pocket, for some weird reason -- and heads over to do some snooping. She finds Paul in the garage, wrapping the toy chest in plastic wrap and tape like Laura Palmer. She tells him that she's just checking in on them, and Paul gruffly snaps that he's having a tough time with the whole thing. He starts loading the toy chest into the back of his SUV. "It must be tough. Not knowing why she did it," Susan comments, and then tries to help him load the chest in the van. He assures her he's got it, and then slams the trunk. "Can I be frank? I don't care what her reasons were. Maybe she was depressed. Maybe she was bored. It doesn't matter. She abandoned her husband and her son and I'll never forgive her," Paul says, and gets in the car and slams the door and drives off. Susan gulps.

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