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Anything You Can Do

Open house at Mary Alice's. Mike and Kendra head over to check it out, Mike explaining that this is one of the houses he hasn't been able to get in to. Susan watches them walk past, and Edie overhears Mike saying that he's going to take Kendra to the Saddle Ranch for drinks. "It's the last place anyone ever saw your sister," he tells her once they're past Edie. Well, yes. The Saddle Ranch is the last place you'd see ME, either. Oh, you mean literally?

Susan wanders up and tells Edie that she's just saying goodbye to Mary Alice's house before someone else moves in. "Oh. That sounds almost plausible," Edie tells her. "We both know why you're here. And the answer is yes, they are having sex." Susan stammers that Mike and Susan are just friends, and Edie tells her that they're going to the Saddle Ranch for cocktails and dancing. "So? Friends can do that," Susan offers weakly. "Oh my God. I just want to slap and shake you," Edie says. And that was when I sort of fell in love with Edie. Susan watches as Mike and his buddy canoodle on the front porch. "Where did you say they were going tonight?" she asks.

Cut to the Saddle Ranch, where we see Mike and Kendra talking in the distance. Edie and Susan suck down the beer as Susan assures Edie that nothing is going on with Mike and his houseguest, and she wants to go home. "It's only been ten minutes. She could be waiting to make her move," Edie points out, and slurps down her brew. "Oh, come on," she adds. "You're not going to beat a girl like that by knocking off early," Edie says. I have to say, the lady has a point. Susan tells her that it's not a competition. Oh, Susan. "The hell it isn't," Edie tells her. Susan tells bids her goodnight. "Suit yourself," Edie retorts. "But for the record, I was rooting for you land him I figured it would be easier for me to steal Mike from you than her. She seems like fun." Susan smiles weakly.

Casa Unfaithful. Gabrielle has cramps, she tells Carlos, and she can't come to this fancy party with him. Mama Solis, in a suspicious act of kindness, tells Carlos that she can escort him, and that Gabrielle should stay home and rest. And Gabrielle buys it. Gabrielle, you are so stupid. "Take good care of Carlos," Gabrielle calls after her mother-in-law. "Oh, I always do," Mama Solis purrs in response. Gabrielle, remember how your mother-in-law killed her husband with her knitting needles? She is totally going to stab you with gardening shears.

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