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Meanwhile, Gabby is trying to get rid of John, but he doesn't want to go. He talks about how horrible his wife is, and tries to relate it to the horrible things Gabby used to say about Carlos. "I think you're paraphrasing," Gabby says. John reminisces about old days. Like the time they were having sex in the shower, and then Carlos came home and pulled Gabby down on the bed, and Gabby faked an orgasm to keep Carlos from finding out. In the closet, Carlos wears an expression of shock and horror. Gabby finally hustles John out of there, and Carlos comes out of the closet, glaring at Gabby. "Boy, that was a close one, huh?" Gabby flusters. Heh.

Back from the ads, Carlos yells at Gabby for stuff that happened two years ago. She claims it's old news, but he's having trouble getting past it, having just heard about it now and all. I'd say if that's the only time Gabby ever faked an orgasm with Carlos, he should count himself lucky. Gabby tells him to move on, and when he says he should have snapped John's neck two years ago, Gabby points out that Carlos is doing the same thing to Victor that John once did to Carlos. "Who's John Rowland now?" Gabby taunts. Carlos's only answer to that is to storm out.

Katherine and Lynette are both out pounding the pavement for votes, and happen to run into each other on the sidewalk. "Nice touch with the cookies," Lynette snarks. "Ditto on the [head] scarf," Katherine shoots back. Ooh, cold. Katherine finds Edie washing her windows and offers to deal with the fountain for her. But Edie only cares about Ida's rusty screen door. Cut to Lynette, promising to leave Ida and her nearly screenless door alone if she gets to be president. This proceeds in a predictable manner, cutting back and forth between the two, with Katherine promising to bring other people in line and Lynette promising other people that she'll lay off. Also, she's doing favors like cleaning out gutters and having her kids rub Mrs. McCluskey's feet. Without polling data, it's hard to say which way the street is leaning. But I think I see which one wants it more.

Orson and Bree are back at home, eating dinner with Andrew. Bree beats herself up for not realizing that Danielle would develop a maternal instinct, but Andrew clears things up: living with Phyllis sounds like more fun to Danielle than the McJob and community college that Bree was going to set her up with. "If you want that baby," Andrew bottom-lines, "you're going to have to outbid Grandma."

Carlos comes and knocks on John's door, saying he wants to talk. He even promises no beatings. Specifically, he's decided to forgive John for sleeping with Gabby. And also for falling in love with her. And that's about all he had to say. John wonders if Gabby is happy. "I think she is," Carlos "ventures." John doesn't look too happy to hear it. He should be happy that Carlos kept his promise of no beatings.

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