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Time for the homeowners' association vote, which is being held at Susan's house. Lee reminds everyone that "a vote for Katherine is a vote for fascism." Which leads to some allegedly amusing malapropism with Ida thinking he's talking about fashion, as the gays do. I'm sure that's going to be a running gag all season, but I'm telling you right now that I'm done with it. Mrs. McCluskey calls the vote, and it's a tie: 14-14. So what now? Well, Edie correctly points out that Susan voted for both candidates, way in the back of the room. Susan finds herself the swing vote between one of her several best friends and getting rid of the clanging nightmare that's still outside her window. Rats, if only Mike were here. He's a member, right? Finally, Susan votes for Katherine. There's polite applause, and Katherine says she'll be in touch with various people about their "infractions" -- including Lynette. Man, that's just being punitive. Everyone leaves, grumbling, and -- hey, there's Nathan Fillion! I forgot Adam was even on this show, let alone married to Katherine (of whom he looks a bit embarrassed), since he was gone all last week and more than half of this one. From across the room, Susan mouths a "sorry" at Lynette, who just shakes her head, rolls her eyes, and walks out. Way to screw over the cancer lady.

Orson and Bree are trying again with Danielle. They're having lunch with her and Phyllis poolside, giving her a full view of all the moist geezers. After contriving an excuse for Phyllis to leave, Bree and Orson compliment Danielle on having grown up enough to be ready to take care of her baby -- and also of Phyllis, when the time comes, which they hint will be soon. Oh, and by the way, they add, this old folks' home is way better than that old Florida college they've decided they were going to let her go to after all. "Who needs frat boys who only like you for your convertible?" Orson says. Danielle's like, back up, cowboy. They claim they were thinking of giving her a car for her birthday. But since she's keeping the baby and all, maybe a diaper service would be a better birthday gift. Noticing the oldster movement in the pool taking on a vaguely rhythmic quality, Bree suggests signing up for water aerobics, and suddenly a Florida college with a convertible sounds good to Danielle. Bree and Orson gently point out that Danielle can't exactly raise a baby in her dorm room. But who will Danielle give the baby to? Who, indeed? By the time Phyllis comes back, out of breath enough to look like she's ready to keel over on the spot, Danielle has clearly changed her mind.

At Katherine and Adam's, Katherine wants to toast her victory, but Adam is acting more like a big loaf of soggy bread. Katherine claims to only want to beautify the neighborhood she loves, and Adam says, "Ever since we moved back, all I've seen is an unhappy woman who needs to control everything." Hey, that's not fair. There have been a couple of scenes so far without any women in them at all. Katherine makes an obliquely bitchy reference to Chicago, and Adam reminds her of something they learned there. "When the chips are down, it helps to have friends. And you certainly haven't made us any lately." With that, he congratulates her and sips his champagne. Which I'm sure is just sparkling apple cider.

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