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So Katherine heads over to Bob and Lee's, smilingly telling them that the fountain can go at their earliest convenience. They pleasantly tell her that it's staying. "Oh, boys, boys, the war is over," she chides them gently. "Yes it is," Lee agrees. "We know all about Chicago." Whoa, didn't see that coming. It seems Bob has an ex on the board of Chicago Memorial, which apparently is still buzzing over what Adam did there. Whatever it was. Katherine says whatever they heard is a lie. And they point out that it was enough to make them leave town. And, you know something I just realized? Chicago's not a small town. Bob finishes, "Which begs [sic] the question: do you like living here?" Game, set, and match to Bob and Lee.

As Katherine storms back home, past an indifferent Mrs. McCluskey, Mary Alice VOs about how people stay detached from their neighbors. By further illustration, a guy walks past Phyllis crying outside at her community. A neighbor blows past an arguing John and Tammy. A girl walks a dog obliviously past Susan and Lynette, who are all better now (aside from Lynette still having the cancer). And a kid skateboards past Katherine as she retrieves her mail from her giant, house-shaped mailbox, which has to be some kind of code violation, even in a place that has no codes. Mary Alice says we stay distant because we'd rather our neighbors didn't know anything about us than know too much. And thank you, Mary Alice, for giving me a setup to talk about what bugs me about this episode: if Katherine is a Woman With A Secret, what was she doing running for elected office? You don't do that. That's, like, Woman With A Secret 101. From next to their fountain, Bob and Lee tip Katherine a friendly but clearly victorious wave. Katherine's going to have some 'splainin' to do to Susan.

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