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Desperate Housewives... and Gaby, too!

A nerdy accountant-type is shredding on the guitar in Tom's garage. Tom loves him, but Creepy Dave asks "Donald" to leave so the other two can discuss his playing. Donald says that's fine since he has quarterly something-or-others due anyway. He's totally an accountant! Good job, casting and wardrobe people, for totally making him look like a stereotypical accountant. If a character is going to be on screen for 10 seconds, he might as well be predictable. Anyway, he leaves, and Tom raves about his performance, comparing him to Jimi Hendrix. (Um, Tom? Rethink that.) Creepy Dave says he was fine but he didn't have the heart of someone like, say... hmmm, gee, I don't know: Mike? Tom already asked, but Mike's too busy. Creepy Dave insists that Tom have Mike call him. When Tom gets pushy about Donald the Accountant, Creepy Dave pushes back, "Tom. Donald's out. Have Mike call me." He's suddenly letting his rage leak out, and it's Mike-related. Uh-oh. Inside, Lynette's coming up with a marketing plan for Bree when Tom comes in after practice. (She's wearing earplugs, which is why she's stopped actively complaining about the band.) She tells Tom that Bree's agency did a terrible job, so she's coming up with a whole campaign. Lynette's all nostalgic for her marketing days, and hopes she can turn this account into some freelancing. Tom doesn't know where she'll find the time, but she figures it's the same place he finds time for the garage band. Touché.

Gaby and Carlos are alone, so she tells him to "Drop trou." Wow, it's a good thing they got this extended sex time so she could say romantic things like "Drop trou" to him. I'm sure there's no time for such romance in those late-night, exhausted sex sessions. He asks her to put on her sexy red teddy. She's not sure why, what with the fact that he's blind, but he explains he can feel it -- and that, in fact, all of his other senses are so heightened that sex as a blind man is actually better than it was when he could see. Gaby's totally jealous, but he thinks he can arrange blind sex for her, too.

Orson shows up at Bree and Katherine's work kitchen, all smiles. Bree assumes it's because his interview went well, but he says it's quite the opposite: No one anywhere will hire him because of his checkered past. But there is one business in town where he's still respected: this one. Bree's surprised he would want to work with her, and Katherine looks... well, something more negative than surprised. Let's try horrified. Bree points out it would be awkward for her to be his boss, and he agrees but says since they share everything, they'd be more of partners. Katherine calls Bree over to the sink for some help with the flower arrangement she's working on. Really, Katherine, a sure way to convince Bree she does indeed need Orson's help is to not be able to handle a simple flower arrangement without guidance. But Bree heads to the sink. Katherine makes a big deal about the flowers, using them as a metaphor for her and Orson (the irises are crowding the lilies out). Katherine insists she tell Orson "no" right now or Katherine will quit. I say Bree should let her. But Bree does what Katherine wants, and tells Orson to give job hunting another month or two and then they can revisit this option. He sulks out.

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Desperate Housewives




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