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Bree finds Orson in the guest bedroom, and he pretends he's in there because she was snoring too loudly. She says she doesn't snore, but he says she can't hear herself, but he hears her, "loud and clear." Man, what a whiner. Your wife should not have to hire you if she doesn't want to. Just be happy she's making enough to be the breadwinner, and get over your inferiority complex. It is okay for a woman -- even the world's most perfect housewife -- to be the breadwinner. I'm not a fan of this whiny, annoying Orson of late. Bree asks him to please come back to bed, but he won't. Because he's a big baby. [Orson needs to start his own stupid business, or just get a hobby. Maybe he can learn to make pot roast? - Z]

Creepy Dave calls Mike and tells him he has a busted pipe at his house. He blames it on pranksters. As soon as Mike says he'll be there in an hour, though, Creepy Dave takes a baseball bat to the pipe, busting it wide open. Maybe he should have waited closer to when Mike would actually arrive, to avoid wasting all that water? It's just a thought. When Mike shows up later, Creepy Dave asks him why he can't be in the band. Mike says he lives too far away and only comes over here for his son. He can't afford to live in the neighborhood. And a light bulb goes off over Creepy Dave's head.

Carlos and Gaby are explaining to Bethany's parents why they had to tell Juanita the truth instead of letting her think Carlos would hurt Gaby. Peggy's still annoyed, but her husband thinks the explanation's okay, so they let them back into the playdate. Bethany's parents just want her to be innocent as long as they can. Carlos and Gaby agree, and Carlos has to use an example, saying he wants his girls to believe in Santa Claus for as long as they can, before finding out it's all a lie. Right then, Bethany walks in and hears that last part. She runs off crying that there's no Santa Claus. And that's pretty much the last we'll see of that storyline, folks, so I hope you weren't wondering if that was the end of the playdates or if Gaby and Carlos ever will get to have sex again. Of course you weren't wondering those things, though, because the show has relegated Gaby to the completely irrelevant storyline every episode this season. Can't they somehow tie her into the season's larger issues, other than having her show up at a couple of events? If she turns out to be at the center of the mystery, though, I guess all of this irrelevant stuff would be a great red herring.

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Desperate Housewives




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