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Back at Bree's. Everyone is watching the news, which is tightly focused in on the hug of Susan and Julie. Bree is relieved but still worried about Lynette. The many neighbors cheer and toast. Gabby and Carlos hug.

Edie and Austin slo-mo out of the store, and Julie runs over and hugs Austin. (They are so totally going to do the dirty.) The Sad and Haunting music is still going strong. Lynette gets wheeled out on a gurney, and for a second, Tom hangs back, totally petrified, and then he runs over and they exchange words that we can not hear, due to the Sad and Haunting music. (Evany = crying again!)

Back at home, Bree sees on the news that Lynette has made it out alive. She hangs her head in relief.

And now for the MAVO signoff. In the hospital, Lynette dreams that same reoccurring dream of Mary Alice. "But this night," MAVO tells us, "something changed." In the dream, Lynette doesn't walk away from MA this time. Instead, she goes over and talks to her, asks MA to tell her what's wrong. "Let me save you," she pleads. Dream MA says to her, "We can't prevent what we can't predict." Mary Alice, just so you know, is eight feet tall (just like they said she was on Sports Night). Seriously, she is an Ent, and Lynette is a hobbit before her. Lynette, weeping: "Isn't there anything I can do?" MA, with her soothing midnight-radio voice: "You can enjoy this beautiful day, we get so few of them." Dream Lynette, with he dream Lynette hair, looks up at the sky and smiles.

And that, MAVO tells us, was the last time Lynette ever dreamed of Mary Alice. "And for her sake," MAVO tells us, "I am grateful." And that's it. Bang indeed!

NEXT WEEK: Julie goes on a date with Austin, and Gabby tries to go back into modeling, but they put her in old-lady clothes!

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Desperate Housewives




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