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Previously: Jackson wanted a future, but Susan didn't, so he left. Bree decided to divorce Orson. Karl started sending his son, Evan, to MJ's school. Susan told Creepy Dave she was driving the night that Mike supposedly killed Creepy Dave's family. Watch your back, Susan! Mary Alice jumps right in about all of the ways there are to bargain on Wisteria Lane: An old woman (Mrs. McCluskey) offers a paper boy a generous tip if he'll throw the paper onto her porch. A wife will make her husband dinner for roses (Gaby and Carlos). Bob tells Susan he'll take in his garbage cans if she will mow her lawn. Everyone knows how to bargain, says MAVO. Everyone. Now we're at breakfast with Katherine, Mike, and MJ, who wants pancakes instead of oatmeal. Mike tells MJ that Katherine's not a short-order cook, and she made oatmeal. Katherine pipes in that if he finishes half of it, she'll make candied apples for his sleepover. Mike tells MJ to thank her, so he does and she tousles his hair and calls him a sweet thing. He then turns to Mike and asks, "Dad, are you going to marry Katherine?" Awkward! Mike avoids the question, says he doesn't know, but MJ keeps saying, "Why not?" Katherine says she's not offended, and she's okay with this line of conversation. Mike says he's late for work and will have to talk about this later. As soon as Mike's gone, MJ asks how he did. Katherine says he was great even though Mike didn't answer him, because now the issue's on the table. MAVO continues that the bargaining on Wisteria begins at sunrise, and doesn't end until someone gets exactly what they want. Katherine plops a bowl of ice cream down in front of MJ.

Divorce lawyer Walter Bergen is used to women coming to him with things like, "He's always talking to his grandmother, who died six years ago." "He spends all his money on hookers, who may or may not be women," etc. Then Bree comes in and says, "My husband is a decent man and I want to do right by him." Walter is surprised, since women who seek his services rarely take that attitude. She says she thinks of herself as a good person. He's sure she is, so he tells her not to worry about doing right by Orson. He should be fine with his half of her catering business. She's not planning on giving him half of her business, but Walter fills her in that, by law, he's entitled to half since she started it after they were married. She tells Walter that Orson's actually not that decent after all. Bree would like Walter to protect her business with some lawyer tricks. She says she likes to think of herself as a rich person even more than a good person. Hey, at least she can admit it.

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