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Susan's taking Mrs. McCluskey to the doctor for something that's "really throbbing." She asks Susan to please hurry, but Jackson pulls onto the street and Susan stops. He needs to talk to her, and didn't call because he wanted it to be a surprise. Mrs. McCluskey would really like for them to stop staring at each other so she can have what Susan calls her "little procedure." Mrs. McCluskey's much more graphic explanation is that he's going to lance a boil on her backside that could rupture any second. Jackson and Susan plan on dinner the next night. They stare a little longer, and then Susan guns it. Two more of Susan's exes make appearances as Karl shows up at Mike's to ask him to please invite Evan to MJ's sleepover, since he's the only kid at school not invited. Mike says MJ's already finalized his guest list, and MJ doesn't like Evan, because he's a bully. Karl gives Mike $20, and Mike says he's MJ's dad, not his bouncer, but thanks for the money. He shuts the door in Karl's face, which is awesome.

Lynette calls Tom, who's vacuuming. He tells her all about double-coupon day, because he is the most housewifey housewife on all of Wisteria Lane. Lynette asks if he remembered her special deodorant. He did, so her armpits will be aluminum-free. She tells him she's going to be late tonight, meaning past midnight. It is still light outside and she already knows she'll be that late? What a sucky job. He asks about the pact, and she says they'll just have to do it twice the next day. Tom says he's been looking forward to it all day. She knows and is sorry, but has to go. He hangs up, and then he's at her office. He closes her door and locks it. She asks if he's crazy, and he says he's crazy about her. He throws everything off her desk, and tells her how important this is. She says it's a bad time for her. He kisses her, though, and she's all, "Well, you did buy me that deodorant." They start to make out on the desk, but the receptionist patches Carlos through on speaker phone. He's also on speaker phone with the guys at Capital Consultants. He'd like his account pulled up now, please. She says she's kind of busy, and then there's some muffled sounds. He asks if she's all right, and she apologizes and says the handyman was in there, but he's finished. She thanks the handyman, and Tom says, "You're welcome, ma'am." Lynette's all relaxed, post-orgasm, asking Carlos where they were. There is no freaking way that happened that fast. At least not for her. I totally believe it was that fast for Tom, though.

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