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Bree's meeting with Karl in his very contemporary office. He offers her a drink, but she says she doesn't drink. He remembers now ("glug, glug"), but she asks him to try not to insult her since she's bringing him business. She says she knows it's surprising that she wants to divorce Orson, but he doesn't think it is, since Orson's a stiff. She tells Karl she'd like this to be dignified, but he says he can't think of a dignified way to screw a spouse out of something they're rightfully entitled to. She asks if he can help her, and he says he can, but first he needs a favor from her. He needs Evan to be invited to MJ's sleepover. She wonders how she'd go about doing that, and he wonders how he would go about hiding her assets from Orson. She tells him she's not comfortable manipulating a six-year-old. So he tells her about a client he had who had a wife who supported him and gave him everything, and Karl's magic gave the guy everything and her nothing. Wow. He must be so proud. Bree's won over, though, because she is evil. She seductively says that MJ does love her macaroons.

Gaby and Carlos meet with Juanita about the makeup incident. Carlos tells her she's gorgeous and can't listen to those kids, who are idiots. He tells her she's naturally beautiful and makeup just covers it up. Gaby agrees that she doesn't need that gunk on her face. Juanita asks why Gaby needs it. Gaby says she's an adult and she hardly wears any. Carlos scoffs, and asks her to keep it real. Juanita asks if Gaby's going to wear makeup when Daddy gets his big award, and Gaby says of course. Juanita thinks it's not fair, but Gaby basically tells her life isn't fair, so deal with it. Juanita thinks it's not fair that Gaby gets to look pretty, and she has to look like herself. Carlos says maybe neither of them should wear makeup. Juanita likes this idea, but Gaby calls Carlos into another room to tell him she is never going into a ballroom without makeup. He tells her it's a great opportunity to show Juanita that beauty's only skin deep, but Gaby says her skin without foundation might make him rethink that. Like he's never seen it without foundation. I hope she doesn't sleep with it on. He tells her that her daughter's in pain, and asks if she loves her enough to put her vanity aside for one night. She says Juanita still owes her for the twenty hours of labor. Carlos looks at her sternly, and she says, "Fine. I will make the ultimate sacrifice, and I will be ugly for my daughter." I don't think that's the ultimate sacrifice, but I guess in Gaby's world it is. She tells Carlos if Juanita ever needs a kidney, though, it's all him.

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