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Gaby goes into Juanita's totally pink room, where she's lying in bed reading. Gaby apologizes for disappointing her, and Juanita says it's okay; she gets it: She needs makeup too. Gaby takes her book away, and tells her that she knows being pretty seems like the most important thing in the world, but it's not. Juanita: "You were a model." Gaby tells her that her whole life people told her how pretty she was, so she never had to work hard in school or on friendships or her personality. So when she stopped modeling, she realized she didn't have much on the inside. She says she doesn't want that for Juanita. She wants her to be brave, funny, creative -- more than just a shell. She wants her to have the whole rich, gooey center. She asks Juanita to promise. Juanita says okay, but then asks when she does get to wear makeup. Gaby says she can wear it when she realizes she doesn't need it, and they wink cutely at each other.

Creepy Dave shows up at Susan's with a fishing pole. I guess it's 6 a.m. on Saturday, but Susan looks all awake and dressed. She tells Creepy Dave she's not going to be able to make it, because she's kind of getting married. Creepy Dave asks, "To who?" Jackson comes over, puts his arms around Susan and says, "Dave Williams. I thought I heard you." Then he says that just when they thought he was out of the picture, he's back. Weird that Jackson doesn't say anything about Creepy Dave locking him in the bathroom during the fire. Does he not know who did it? It seems like he should since Creepy Dave's the one who led him in there and then locked the door.

Karl and Bree are meeting again. He tells her that he can get her everything she wants, but he might need her to lie and trick. He asks if she's up for that. She says she used to think of herself as a good person who always took the high road, but she's begun to realize she's capable of doing whatever needs to be done. Karl says that makes her the perfect client. Mary Alice says that on Wisteria, the bargaining is finished by sundown (I doubt that's true). A daughter (Juanita) agrees to go to bed early if her mother lets her dress up in her old gowns. A woman (Susan) lets her fiancée spend the night if he'll sleep on the sofa. A man (Mike) allows his lover to get close as long as they don't discuss the future. Mary Alice says everyone knows how to bargain on Wisteria Lane. We zoom in on Bree and Orson on the porch. She asks why he's up so late, and he says he has a proposition for her. He'll make her breakfast in the morning if she'll make love to him tonight. She smiles and says, "Why not?" He looks her up and down, holds her hand, and they walk inside. MAVO: "But sometimes they get more than they bargained for." In what way? He'll get more than sex, as in the divorce? Or she'll get more than breakfast, as in ... ? I don't think that was the strongest ending ever, but oh well. The rest of it was good.

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