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Beautiful Girls

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Beautiful Girls

MAVO: "Once their agendas are revealed, we can take steps to protect ourselves and those we love." Rupert pats down the sheets on Ian's bed, and Susan pointedly retrieves some article of her clothing from the drawer. So, basically, Susan hasn't gone home at all in this episode; Julie's probably had sex with Austin fifty times by now. But at least Susan has her half a drawer.

And more MAVO: "Yes, dangerous men can cause great harm. But sometimes the greatest danger they pose is to themselves." Mike drives out to some deserted somewhere and digs a hole. Just as he's dropping his toolbox into the hole, Ghostbuster pops out, all, "I'll take those."

Up next: Mike, the biggest idiot that ever was, gets his wooden self arrested! And I am off for a nautical night in the craziest hotel ever. See you next week!

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Desperate Housewives




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