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Children And Art
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Previously: Bang!

This week's MAVO montage opener is all about Mrs. McCluskey and how she just loves to help people -- even people who don't especially want any help. Mrs. McC pointedly paints a neighbor's long-faded garage door an unbecoming blue. Mrs. McC pointedly returns a missing cat to cat lady Alberta after first taking the liberty of getting the cat fixed. Mrs. McC pointedly takes down another neighbor's Christmas lights, which apparently were still strung up deep into June.

In the now, Mrs. McC is letting herself into Mike's garage when Edie busts her. Halloween appears to have come a few weeks too late for Edie, who is wearing a sort of "sexy cat burglar meets Emma Peel" outfit of fitted head-to-toe black with a bondage-cinched belt in gleaming patent leather. Edie, who's there getting the house ready for Mike's return the next day, suspiciously grills Mrs. McC as to what she's doing there. Mrs. McC hems and haws. Edie: "Don't lie to me, prune." Apparently, Mrs. McC's been borrowing Mike's lawnmower on a regular basis, but now Edie's putting a stop to it. But clever Mrs. McC drops some hints about the photos that she found in Mike's trash -- the ones of Susan and Mike all lovey-dovey together -- and how would Edie like it if Mrs. McC were to show them to Mike?

Cut to Mrs. McC happily wheeling the mower over to her lawn. Oh, Mrs. McC, Mrs. McC, don't you know what happens to blackmailers on Wisteria Lane?


A group of off-brand Girl Scouts are gathered on Wisteria Lane, rallying for the kickoff of their big door-to-door magazine sale campaign. MAVO tells us that a "shiny new bicycle" has been promised to whichever girl sells the most subscriptions. MAVO: "That's the beauty of youth: little girls believe anything's possible. That is, until they grow up and get divorced." One of the fauxscouts arrives on Gabby's doorstep and finds Gabby out on the porch, doing her nails, her face elaborately made up with nightclub smoky eye. Poor Gabby. The girl launches her sell-spiel, but mispronounces Vogue as "Vo-gew," which Gabby promptly corrects. She should know how to say it; after all, she graced its cover! You remember, it was their very special "little person" issue? Because really there's no other explanation for a model of Gabby's Lilliputian stature appearing on the hallowed cover of Vogue. The fauxscout is totally impressed.

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