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Children And Art

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Children And Art

Now. I know it looks bad. But I kind of was starting to like this Art character. Maybe there's a reasonable excuse for this boy-photo business? If only because the obvious is so rarely what it seems on twisty Wisteria Lane? Also, what self-respecting pedophile leaves his front door unlocked and his photos so obviously out on display like that? So, let's see here. What if the toys belong to his as-yet-unseen sister. Yeah! His infirm sister has, like, a childlike mind and a matching childlike obsession with toys, and photos of other children soothe her. Photos...of half-naked...children. Yeah, this is going to be a toughie to explain.

MAVO summary time! "There are so many things we wish we could tell the young." Susan watches Julie and Austin through the window as the sit together out in the yard. Julie laughs, and Austin affectionately tucks a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

Back at a different photo shoot, Agent looks on as young Tanya does some sexy posing for the camera. MAVO tells us how "we want to tell [the young] that beauty fades."

Gloria watches on as Orson crabbily unloads boxes of her stuff from the trunk of his car. MAVO: "We warn them that their actions will have consequences, but still they defy us."

Smiling Lynette watches her children playing out in her front yard, but then she spies Art the Probably Pedophile talking to a fauxscout out on the sidewalk. MAVO: "Sadly, the young can't begin to understand that the world is a dangerous place, so it's up to us to do anything we can to protect them." Lynette's smile turns to ice, and MAVO hits it home: "Absolutely anything."

And the EVO Summary? Eh. That was sort of a ho-hum episode after last week's big Bang, don't you think? I know they can't all be showstoppers, but still I wish this episode had a little more "wow" and little less "Gabby being excruciatingly obtuse." And though the pedophile stuff was definitely chilling, any potential storyline that I can see it leading to kind of just kind of bums me out. Because, really, I'd rather see almost anything than some horrific pedophile story, especially if they try to give it the patented DH black comedy spin. Seriously, bring back Susan's mom if that's what it takes. I'd far prefer that lesser hell to sitting through one second of "wacky child porn." But that's just me.

Up next: Gabby teaches a fleet of little girls how to do sexy runway turns!

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