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Children Will Listen

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Children Will Listen

Gabby is out jogging and spots Gardener John running down the other side of the street. Gardener John has no shirt on! And let me tell you, that is some fertile soil for ploughing! I mean, fine rows for hoeing! Some attractive leaves for raking? Gabby and GJ stop running, and he takes a step toward her. She warns him away with a wave of her hand and he gestures like, "What?" and steps back up onto his curb. Forlornly, Gabby adjusts her headset and runs back from whence she came. Gardener John looks dejected. Topless and dejected.

Bree is a broken doll, sitting in her pearl earrings and a baby-blue satin robe and staring at her clothing-strewn bed. Rex comes in and wonders why she isn't dressed yet. In a drained voice, Bree says that she wanted to wear Andrew's favorite color, but she doesn't even know what it is. Rex insists that it doesn't matter, the fact that she's visiting her son is what counts, but Bree is not in a consolable mood, insisting that a good mother knows her child inside and out, so that if he gets in trouble, she knows what to do. Rex takes her head in his hands and tells her that she is a good mother. "Brown or green...I just don't know," she says in a lost, sad voice. Aw, Bree! Rex tells her he's going to wait in the car. Bree decides to go with green because "everybody loves green."

Once again, Carlos drops the post-nup in front of Gabby. Once again, Gabby refuses to sign, threatening him again with her hold over him. But look who pulled a fast one with his Cayman Isle account, so now all of Gabby's intel on Carlos is obsolete! You see, he couldn't just go on letting Gabby make a fool out of him. And with that, their feisty, sparring relationship takes a dark turn as Gabby makes a run for it and Carlos chases her down, lifts her up, and carries her back to the post-nup. As Gabby yells "stop," and "let me go," and "you're hurting me," Carlos forces her into her chair and twists her arm until she signs. Gabby sits, weeping and holding her wrist, as Carlos gloats, "I know, baby, it hurts to lose." Wow, I used to have a soft spot in my heart for Carlos, but with just this one scene, my heart has turned its back on him. Carlos is horrible. This entire episode is actually just one long train of abuse, what with the Porter-paddling and the Mom-shoving and the Gabby-twisting.

At Camp Cognac, Bree sits at a picnic table wearing a prim sage suit. A girl with tattoos on her legs and arms walks by, and Bree once-overs her with a repulsed look on her face. Oh Bree, I roll my eyes at you! The counselor comes out to let Bree and Rex know that Andrew is ready to see them now, only he actually only wants to see Rex. Bam! Rex starts to battle with the counselor, telling him that they drove 200 miles, that this is unacceptable, that they're going to just go home, but Bree waves him off, insisting that she's okay. Rex gives in, and as he meets Andrew at the door, they hug. From a distance, Bree waves eagerly at Andrew, but he just shuts the door. Bree looks crushed. Maybe she should have worn lavender?

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