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Color And Light

Previouslies: Gabby is pregnant, Karl still had a spark of feeling left for Susan, Dr. Goldfine told Bree that he thinks she's still hung up on Rex's death, and Betty wrote an anonymous letter to the police saying that they've got the wrong man.

MAVO: "It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention. This is how mothers came to invent play dates: so, occasionally, they could have a little time for themselves." A mother drops off her daughter at another mommy's house and giddily informs the host mommy that she'll be back to pick up daughter after her spa session. "But there are some mothers that [sic] don't get to take advantage of this maternal innovation. Mothers like Lynette Scavo, who was no longer able to rest on weekends because her twins no longer received play date invitations." We see, in flashbacks, all the suffering caused by the P-twins' devilry: the boy they convinced could fly, the boy they convinced to ride his bike blindfolded, and the boy they talked into a game called "toss the brick." MAVO: "The Scavo twins had become persona [sic] non gratis, and Lynette's secret dream of being able to take an occasional nap on Saturdays was growing dimmer and dimmer."

In the now, we see Lynette sitting on a bench and gazing longingly, and semi-consciously, at the various mommies socializing in the park. MAVO: "Until one day..." Lynette spies the P-twins brawling behind a bush, and runs over to pull apart the cluster of squirming, punching boys. When she separates the mob, she sees that the P-twins have locked horns with another set of twins. Out of habit, Lynette apologizes to the new twins on behalf of her boys, but the new twins proudly inform her that they were the ones doing the damage. Lynette -- looking kind of excited (because what mother isn't thrilled to discover her child has received a whopping whooping?) -- asks one of the P-twins whether it's true, and he tells her sullenly that "it didn't hurt that much."

Just then, the new twins' mommy comes running up, and she looks about as frantic as Lynette did just seconds before. "What have I told you about ganging up on people?" the mom yells at her boys. Lynette watches the scolding with true glee. The mommy apologizes to Lynette, telling her that she'll gladly pay for any doctor bills, but Lynette smiles and says that the P-twins can stand up for themselves. In fact, Lynette got the "feeling they were sort of enjoying themselves." The mom looks totally shocked, and the "could this BE?" Wisteria music starts trilling. Mommy: "Really?" Lynette nods giddily. Mommy, with a voice full of fragile, fragile hope: "What would you say to bringing your boys over to my house and letting them hang out with mine some time?" Lynette's face lights up like she's just won the lottery. MAVO: "And that's how Lynette finally got what she needed: time for herself, and play dates for her kids."

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