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Color And Light

Matthew and Betty head down to the cellar and discover that there's nothing in the dungeon but Caleb's empty manacles. I guess I know how he worked his chains free, but I'm not sure, exactly, how he managed to get his hands free of the cuffs, nor how he got out the locked door: the last time he got out, it was because the door lock was accidentally left half-cocked, but this time, the lock was fastened tight. In any case, Caleb's free! To do what he wants! Any old time! Matthew comes running out of the house, Betty follows him, and together they start walking up Wisteria Lane, their heads swiveling nervously. And just listen as the "escape of the mentally deficient and unrepentant murderer" music soars.

In a weird time shift, it's now daytime, but Betty and Matthew are still scouring the neighborhood for Caleb. Matthew says something about how people are going to start coming home soon, which means they've been searching all night, and then all day? Also, someone's always home on Wisteria Lane, so I'm not at all sure what he's talking about here. Betty walks up to Bree (who's out in front of her house gardening) and distracts her by asking how she gets her hydrangeas looking so good. (Answer: horse manure. "I have it delivered," Bree confesses, "Susan makes fun of me, but the proof is in the pudding" -- such a delightfully Bree thing to say!) Meanwhile, Matthew heads out back to poke around the Van de Kamp back yard. Sadly, Caleb is nowhere to be found. Danielle, however, is easy to spot, lounging there by the pool, though she hardly looks recognizable. For one thing, she's smoking, wearing a tiny bikini with a Mrs. Robinson-esque robe, and strutting around with a confidence that belies her Abstinence Club membership. "Looking for something?" Danielle calls out to Matthew, who's busy trying to open some door (to the garage? pool room?). Startled, Matthew coughs and stammers, and then recovers enough to tell Danielle that he's actually there looking for her -- that when they met, he thought she was "really cool." Danielle: "So you came to ask me out?" She leans over her lounger, ostensibly to adjust her towel but really to adjust her ass in the direction of Matthew's face. Danielle looks flirtily over her shoulder at Matthew and says that she'll totally say yes, if he's asking. Matthew gives her a confused/startled look, and appears totally silenced by Danielle's boldness.

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