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Color And Light

Gabby minces her way into her house, and notices that the refrigerator door is wide open. She goes over and closes it, but doesn't see the open ice quart of cream that's sitting out on the counter. And before you can say, "Gabby the size zero ex-model? Eating ice cream?," let me remind you that the ice cream breakup social from earlier in the episode was here at Gabby's house. (That's a nice bit of continuity!) The first strains of "scary man in the house" music start to play, and Gabby heads upstairs, where she notices an empty bowl sitting in her closet. She walks over to investigate, and when she turns, she sees large, large Caleb standing before her. He's totally backlit, so all you can see is his hugeness. Gabby screams, throws the bowl at him, and then runs for it. She's about a third of the way down the stairs when she trips (I'm guessing because of the tightness of her dress); she bumps, rolls, and ass-over-tea-kettles the whole rest of the way down. Hey, was that another Scarlett reference?

Stunned and obviously in pain (but with dress still intact...nice stitching job, Bree!), Gabby writhes and groans on the floor, and is completely unable to get up when Caleb walks slowly down the stairs toward her. He stands over her for a few seconds, once again backlit and totally unrecognizable. (I wonder, are they trying to pave the way for some kind of ID confusion later down the line, or is this just part of smoothing over the switch of the actors playing Caleb? Hmm.) After a few seconds, Caleb steps over Gabby and casually walks out the door.

The sound of an ambulance siren transitions us to the next scene: a crime photographer is taking photos, Bree is getting her statement taken by a policeman, and Gabby is being rolled out of her house on a gurney. MAVO: "Yes, cameras are tools designed to capture images." Gabby motions Bree to come closer, and then she whispers something in her ear. Bree tells the ambulance people that she needs to go get something for Gabby before they leave, and tears back into the house. MAVO: "But in truth, they can capture so much more. They can uncover hidden longing of men who should no longer care." We see Karl gazing upon a photo, this one of just Susan, and then slipping it into a book. Uh oh, poor Edie! MAVO: "They can reveal the extraordinary secrets of the most ordinary marriages." We see the Porndogs happily eating popcorn and watching themselves sex it up on video. MAVO: "Most amazing of all, cameras can quietly and clearly reveal to us our dreams -- dreams we didn't even know we had." Bree runs out of Gabby's house and steps into the ambulance. As she sits next to Gabby, she hands her the sonogram picture, and Gabby looks at it tearfully, and then holds it to her chest and closes her eyes. The ambulance doors close, and the light goes off inside the ambulance. And suddenly I'm totally choked up! Hell.

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