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Color And Light

The focus shifts from Gabby's underwhelming pre-natal love to broken-hearted Susan and her need for more break-up mint chip ice cream. (Hey, that's a great idea: Break Up Ice Cream! Ben? Jerry?) Edie: "Susan? Why are you so eerily calm? Mike Defino just dumped you. The Susan Mayer I know would be a blubbering mess right now. Come on. Trot her on out. She's fun to watch." And the way Edie says "trot her on out" is very Queen of Hearts-ish. WheeeEdie! Susan confesses that she's actually feeling very "Zen" about the whole thing. Bree says something consoling about how Mike is sure to come to his senses in a few days, but Susan rejects the idea: "No. I came between a man and his son. It was a huge betrayal. I can't even blame him for hating me." Has Susan been taking her grownup vitamins? Because this is more mature than I've ever seen her. The ladies try to defend Susan's actions, pointing out that when Susan sent Zana away, she was only trying to protect Julie. Susan, shaking her head: "Over the past couple of days, I gave myself a long, hard look in the mirror, and I did not like what I saw." Edie: "I'm with you." Ha ha! Edie, three for three! Susan says something about how, if she can find it within herself to act like an adult for once, then maybe some time much, much later, she and Mike can be friends. Edie accuses Susan of being "numb," not "Zen," but Susan insists that she's fine. Then she pauses for a little, sad second, and then asks Gabby if she has any pie. Gabby: "Not unless we made some." Susan: "I can't wait." One by one, the ladies all look at Bree, and really, if anyone were to suddenly develop magical "point and pie" powers, it would be Bree. And the sprightly "wait a minute, Susan eats?" Wisteria music swells!

Over at the Scavos', the other twins are getting dropped off by their parents, whom for no reason whatsoever I'll hereafter refer to as Mr. and Mrs. Porndog. (Incidentally, Mr. Porndog is being played by "Hey! It's That Guy" Larry Miller). Mrs. Porndog tells Lynette to call if there are any problems, since they'll be at home, having a "quiet night." (As we learn later, the couple has invested heavily in soundproofing.) The boys race inside, and immediately we hear that they've managed to break something. Tom makes a crack about how the Scavos' evening is shaping up to be quite the opposite of said "quiet night." Mr. Porndog reminds the Scavos that he and his wife will be taking the P-twins the following weekend, and Lynette cracks that she has not at all forgotten, no sir!

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