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Color And Light

It's the middle of the night when a knock sounds on Susan's door. A bleary-eyed Susan stumbles downstairs in her sweats and robe and opens the door. And it's Karl! With luggage in tow! Apparently, he and Edie are no more. Sympathetic Susan invites him in.

Cut to Karl and Susan sitting at the table with a bottle of wine. Karl apologizes for the late hour, saying that he "just couldn't face going to a motel." Susan stretches tiredly and says it's okay; Julie's at a friend's house tonight, so Karl can sleep in her room. Karl smiles and says that the sofa's fine. Susan: " I allowed to ask what happened?" Karl: "You can ask, but I won't tell." Susan, smiling, asks Karl why he won't dish, and he confesses that his reason is embarrassing. And no, he did not cheat on Edie. Susan: "Did she cheat?" Karl: "No." Susan guesses again: "You finally saw her without her makeup?" Karl: "Susan!" Susan, laughing: "I'm sorry." Karl confesses that "things haven't been working for quite a while" and the breakup was "inevitable." Susan: "These days, anybody going through a breakup gets my sympathy." Karl, looking tickled, says, "That's right! I heard you made the plumber angry!" Susan: "Nooo, I made the plumber furious. That is definitely...over. So there'll be no gloating from me." They toast to no gloating. Susan says that, actually, she's trying to keep a "positive outlook on the whole thing"; in fact, she's started writing about it. She thinks it might even make a new book, and not one of her books for kids, either -- an actual adult-type book, all about Susan's many "failed relationships." Karl laughs and asks, "You're not writing about me, are you?" Susan: "You're, like, the first fourteen chapters." Karl asks if Susan's going to be fair, and she says, with a flirty little smile, "I'm going to be honest." Karl: "I was afraid of that." Hmm. I kind of like Susan and Karl together; they're very at know, when they're not screaming at each other out in the street.

The I guess? Bree is over getting her head shrunk by Dr. Goldfine. She's telling the story of George's proposal, saying how awful it was, how George's mother and her friend were there, and how if Bree had declined it would have "devastated" George. Dr. Goldfine: "So you agreed to marry him just to be polite?" Bree: "Well, obviously there's a down side to having good manners." That Bree! Dr. Goldfine asks her when she plans to tell George how she really feels, and Bree confesses that part of her actually wants to go through with it: "I know it sounds rash, but there's something comfortable about George." Personally, "comfortable" isn't exactly how I'd describe George. More like "cringetastic." Bree goes on to list the many reasons George is a good companion for her, and many of them are things I've pointed out in the past as signs of their compatibility (if only not for George's supreme craziness): "He has the same tastes and interests, and oh! He likes the opera...we saw Aida last week, and we both cried buckets. It was fun! George loves art, poetry, music. It would be nice to be married to someone who looks for beauty in the world, like I do." Dr. Goldfine appears not at all convinced, and Bree puts her head in her hands and admits that she doesn't know what to do. Dr. Goldfine: "You've said many times how comfortable you are with George. But you don't feel for him the way you felt for Rex." Which, I think, is exactly the point. I think the last thing Bree wants is to put herself in the position of having her heart shattered again: "No. True love is...great. But at this point in my life, I think I'd rather just go to the opera." With a scary and manipulative sociopath.

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