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Come Back To Me

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Come Back To Me

Susan comes downstairs and finds a very close-mouthed Julie "trying to read," but mostly just giving her mother the old silent treatment. Susan can't believe Julie is mad at her. "I told Zack he could trust you, and you turned him in," Julie complains. Susan tells her that "someone had to be responsible," and "like it or not," Susan is the mother in this situation. Julie -- and I -- give Susan a classic bratty teen You Have Got To Be Kidding Me look. "Since when?" Julie brats. "What is that supposed to mean?" Susan asks. Julie reminds Susan that, since Karl left, "if there's been a mother around here, it's been [Julie]." She starts to stomp off, but then turns and says, "Do you remember after the divorce, when you stayed in bed for a week and I had to beg you to eat something?" Susan sorta does. "And for weeks, I had to clean the house, I had to make sure that the bills were paid. I even had to schedule my own doctor's appointment once." Susan admits that she was in bad shape back then. "It's still going on. And now that I need some support, you decide to play the mom card?" Julie asks. Rock ON, Julie. You are being totally bratty, but I am so pleased to see the show finally address this. Thank you, writers! Susan says they could have gotten in a ton of trouble if she didn't send Zack back. "Yeah, well, now Zack's the one who's in trouble," Julie says. "You sent him back to a man who HATES HIM." And, with that, she sweeps off dramatically to her room. Susan looks a bit gobsmacked. Nicely played on all parts there.

Casa Repossessed. Gabrielle walks sadly through her totally empty house. I think she got a haircut. It looks lovely. Where was I? Oh, yes. MAVO explains that, of all the things no longer in her empty house, the only thing Gabrielle truly missed was Carlos. Aw. This sweet moment is interrupted by the doorbell! It's the Feds. They've got a warrant and they're going to repossess....whatever is left. Which is, like, a trampoline and one table. "We're not into clutter," Gabrielle tells them, and smiles a bit to herself.

In the next scene, Lynette attempts to bond with her boys by giving Claire the afternoon off and reading them Harvey and the Flying Turtle, and the boys don't really like the way she reads. Claire, it seems, does funny voices. And her funny voices are better than Lynette's funny voices. I would go into more detail, but the majority of this scene literally involves Felicity Huffman reading aloud, and while I know there are people out there who would watch her read the phone book, I am not one of them. I will add that the boys who play Pantaloon, Pantalets, and Pantywaist make a series of hilariously disappointed faces at their mother's attempts to read as well as Claire does, and that Lynette is frustrated by this fresh failure on her part.

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