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Come Back To Me

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Come Back To Me

Casa Incarcerated. Gabrielle looks everywhere for Carlos's passport. She asks Yao Lin, the maid, to help her look, but Yao Lin is more interested in finding out how Gabrielle plans to pay her. "I have children!" she says. Gabrielle points out that said children are in their twenties. Yao Lin is all, "Still." So Gabrielle writes her a check for three weeks' pay in advance. Yao Lin wonders if it would be okay to call the bank. Gabrielle snaps that "people don't become poor overnight." On cue, people show up and repossess Gabrielle's Porsche. Gabrielle runs outside, horrified. She notices the neighbors staring -- you know, the ones who didn't see Miguel fall out of her bedroom window naked, or Andrew fleeing the scene of the hit and run -- and calls, "You call this a paint job? I don't want to see it again until it's perfect!" Then she and her satin pants run into the house.

Over at KimberBree's, Lynette is obsessing about what's going on at home with Claire. KimberBree irons and listens quietly. Lynette says that, while Claire did well with the kids "yesterday," it could have been beginner's luck! Lynette, Christ. Go back to work. Should she call? She should call. Maybe she shouldn't call. But she wants to call. KimberBree has the patience of a saint not to sigh with exasperation, but instead basically just tells Lynette that she's wasting her newfound free time worrying about the kids. Lynette continues to blah blah stress blah blah, until KimberBree suggests that she invest in a Nanny Cam. "People do terrible things when they think no one's watching them," she purrs, in a very Kimberly Shaw sort of way. Lynette doesn't think she could breach Claire's trust like that. "Trust is overrated," KimberBree says. Lynnette finally catches her snap and asks how things are going with KimberBree and Rex. KimberBree swears that they're fine: "Why do you ask?" I must admit, I find the friendship between these two appealing, since they're so very different and yet they seem to have real fondness for each other. Lynette is just curious: "Is he back for good?" KimberBree says that the situation is "fluid," and that she's not sure what Rex's plans are. "So if you're not sure he's back for good, why are you ironing his shirts?" Lynette asks. "Because I have faith that he'll come back and that he'll do the right thing," KimberBree says, calmly. Lynette sighs that it's good to have faith in people. "Yeah, but I'd still buy that camera," KimberBree tells her.

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