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Come In, Stranger

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Come In, Stranger

So, Susan is working her corner when Mike drives up. "You okay?" he asks. "Yeah," she admits. "Then how much for a trip around the world?" he grins. Susan rolls her eyes. "I can't believe Julie sent you," she says, as she climbs into the car. "She is soon going to be dead." She tosses the Screwdriver of Evidence onto Mike's dashboard and explains that it never got sent in for prints. "I don't want to talk about it," she pouts. Mike just looks relieved.

Gabrielle walks through the house, talking to Carlos on her cell phone. She explains to him that his poor old confused mother is old and confused. Gabrielle doesn't add that she totally framed Mama Solis for shoplifting. In the living room, Mama Solis knits, like a twenty-first-century Madame Defarge. Gabrielle gets off the phone and asks Mama Solis what she wants for dinner. Mama Solis isn't hungry. Except, you know, for Gabrielle's blood. She sits Gabrielle down and tells her this long story Carlos's dad, who was a real dillhole who beat her up and was terrible to Carlos and beat Carlos when he was drunk and then something inside her snapped and blah blah blah, she killed him with her Knitting Needles of Doom. I mean, she isn't that direct or anything, but we all know that's what happened. Gabrielle gulps and says that she thought Papa Solis ran off with a waitress. "That's what [Carlos] was told," says Mama Solis ominously. "All mothers know they have to protection our children. But some of us take our jobs more seriously than others." Gabrielle says that she doesn't know why Mama Solis is telling her this. "I think you do," says Mama Solis, and knits loudly. Her knitting needles sound like knives. Oh, there will be stabbing in the future. I can feel it.

Mike drops Susan off at home. Before she gets out of the car, they totally make out.

What, you want more than that? Fine. Okay, so Mike is sorry that he didn't stop Susan from going out with that guy. Except for the part where he and Susan are not really officially involved and she should be able to go out with whomever she likes, so he's really just apologizing for not being a controlling asshole. Sigh. Susan admits that she's mostly mad at herself: "I'm mad that I like you so much without really knowing anything about you." Mike wonders what Susan wants to know. Favorite food? Mexican. Hey, me too! Favorite sport? Football. Hey, me too! Wow, maybe Mike and I are meant to be! Favorite band? Elvis Costello. "That's a guy, not a band," Susan points out. "It's a guy with a band," he tells her. Finally, Susan wants to know what he thinks of her. He answers this by kissing her. Aw. So it turns out I'm not made of stone after all. "I'm sorry, could you repeat that?" Susan asks when they come up for air. And so he kisses her again.

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