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Come In, Stranger

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Come In, Stranger

In Lynette's kitchen, Gabrielle and Susan chat about Mike. Susan explains that she thought they were becoming an item. But now she's getting lots of mixed signals. Oh, like his asking you out multiple times and your making weird excuses and then giving your date away to the skanky lady down the street? Yes, he is giving you mixed messages. Girl, come on. Gabrielle notes that Steven wasn't giving Susan mixed signals. "You noticed that?" Susan asks. "Honey, when they're not staring at me, I notice," Gabrielle says. At least she's honest.

In the living room, Lynette thanks KimberBree for helping with the clean-up. KimberBree fishes some small plastic toys out of the sofa cushions and tells Lynette that she would have hosted the meeting herself, except her kids are going on some camping trip and the house looks like REI exploded. And KimberBree knows from things exploding. Lynette sort of mills around and finally blurts, "Speaking of nice things," she knows something else nice that KimberBree can do for her: Pincushion and Panache need a recommendation to Posh Academy of Contrivance, where Danielle and Andrew went to school. KimberBree is really hesitant to lie. "I'm really well respected at [Posh Academy], and my word won't be good there anymore," she says. Lynette points out that "by the time they realize their mistake, we'll be in. You aren't having any more kids, so what do you care?" Graciously and tactfully phrased, Lynette. KimberBree explains that she really wanted her children to go to Posh Academy. "But I suppose that doesn't matter to you, does it?" she asks. "It really doesn't," Lynette responds. Lynette? Shut up. Doesn't KimberBree have enough problems, with the crumbling marriage and the difficult kids, without you getting all up in her grill about your problems with your hyperactive kids?

Outside: drama from inside the Residence of Poor Dead Mary Alice! The ladies peer at the house curiously as Creepy Paul and Sad Zack fight loudly. "They never used to fight when Mary Alice was alive," Lynette says. "Such a shame. They used to be such a happy family," Susan says. KimberBree sadly and wisely points out that just because they weren't fighting, it doesn't mean they were actually happy.

Later, on Wisteria Lane: residents patrol the streets like Nazis. And Gabrielle gets a surprise visitor: her mother-in-law. "What are you doing here?" Gabrielle asks, when she runs into Mama Solis on her front walkway. "I'm visiting, what does it look like? It's a surprise." They hug, awkwardly. "Family should always hug," whispers Mama Solis. "Regardless of how they feel about each other."

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