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Come In, Stranger

Meanwhile, Lynette is very busy tiring out Petulance and Pestilence: she makes them do jumping jacks and wind sprints and pull her on a sled. They dig a pool as she reads a magazine. Finally, when she gets them into Posh Academy for observation, they're so worn out that they're basically asleep over their jigsaw puzzles. "Look at that concentration. [Phosphorus] loves his puzzles," Lynette says to the Headmaster, who merely looks concerned that the twins appear to be existing in a semi-comatose state.

Gabrielle's. She gets a text message from Miguel, who wants to meet her at a hotel. She brightens at this, gathers her things, and tells Mama Solis that she'll be right back, and that she's heading to the store. But Mama Solis, no dummy she, is right on Gabrielle's tail. She's coming along. She wants to make some tamales for Carlos. Mmmm, I love tamales. Especially at Christmas. My mother gets these cinnamon and raisin ones downtown and they are unbelievable. Anyway, Gabrielle stutters that she's not going to the supermarket, but to the lingerie store. "Good, I need some bras," Mama Solis says, following her out to the car. Gabrielle stammers that she might be a while, because she also might get a facial. Mama Solis: "I have a face." Gabrielle, she is stuck. Mama Solis, she is clever.

Meanwhile, Susan has wandered over to Mike's to continue to destroy their nascent relationship. "Remember the cop from the Neighborhood Watch meeting?" she asks. "He agreed to run a fingerprint check on the screwdriver I found at Mrs. Frome's house." Mike is surprised by this. "Nothing was taken," he says. Susan perks that it was still a crime, and tells him that Officer Steven asked her out. On a date. "And I sorta said yes. I was just curious. What you thought. About that," she stammers. Okay. Has Susan ever dealt with men before? Even when they are jealous, they never say they're jealous. Susan, Susan. What are we going to do with you? Mike retorts that he doesn't really have an opinion. "Okay, great. Fine. Thank you," she snaps and starts to stomp off. Mike calls her back and apologizes: "My life is just really complicated right now." Women the world over roll their eyes. Susan tells him that he doesn't have to explain. "Complicated. I get it," she says, and completes the big stomp-off. Mike tosses a rag on the ground in frustration, as the camera pans past his tool set, where a screwdriver is missing. One: duh. Two: Mike is a bad Undercover Whatever He Is.

KimberBree comes over to get Creepy Paul for their Neighborhood Watch rounds. Creepy Paul isn't home, but Zack is, and he's scrubbing the varnish off the wood floors. Is he available for parties? Because my house could use a good cleaning, and this kid is a scream! KimberBree reflects that the house is "just immaculate." Zack agrees that his mother "liked things clean." KimberBree kindly says that Mary Alice would be proud. But he's scrubbing off the varnish. Which would not, I presume, make Mary Alice proud. Zack says that this was where his mother died. He just wants to get it clean. Out, out, damn spot, etc. KimberBree looks sad for him and turns to go, then turns back and invites the kid to dinner.

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