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Come In, Stranger

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Come In, Stranger

KimberBree's. She and Zack eat plum pudding, as she explains that she likes to give complex recipes a dry run before the holidays, in case she needs to fiddle with them. She and Zack chat about Christmas. "I never get depressed if there's a beautifully decorated tree to look at," KimberBree says. Zack agrees that he and Mary Alice loved the holidays, adding, "This Christmas is going to be weird." KimberBree swallows a bite of pudding and tells Zack that her own mother died when KimberBree was young: "She was hit by a car. It was right before Christmas, as a matter of fact." Apparently, KimberBree's family was inside singing, and her mother slipped outside to give the neighbors a gift. She got hit by a car. Too young to go to the hospital, KimberBree stayed home: "When I looked out the window, I saw all of my mother's blood on the street. And no one was doing anything about it, so I got a hose and I washed it off. And once it was clean, I felt so much better." After a moment, she admits, "I've never told anyone that story before." Zack tells KimberBree that the stories people don't tell are usually the most interesting ones. And he has one of those stories. Well, it's more of a secret: "I know why my mom killed herself." KimberBree manages not to squeal. Zack tells her that it was something he did: something bad. He's gripping his glass of milk so tightly that I expect it to shatter at any moment. KimberBree leans in to hear Zack's secret, but he sputters that he shouldn't have said anything at all, and that he shouldn't have come over. He runs out, KimberBree shouting after him that it's all right. He leaves anyway. KimberBree stands in her dining room looking thoughtful and a little bit sad.

Coffee Klatch. None of the girls can believe Zack said it was his fault! Gabrielle wonders if it's time for them to go to the police. "And tell them what?" KimberBree asks. "We don't even have the note anymore. We gave it to Paul." And none of you thought to make a photocopy? That's it. I'm out. You girls are terrible detectives. Don't ever give away your evidence without keeping a copy for yourself. Haven't you ever watched, I don't know, Murder She Wrote? Susan says that KimberBree needs to try to get more information out of Zack. KimberBree points out that it's going to be tough, since Zack is freaked. "For God's sake, [KimberBree]. You're a woman. Manipulate him. That's what we do," Gabrielle spits. Yeah, how's that working for you, sweet pea? I thought so. KimberBree doesn't know how to do this. Gabrielle suggests she do what she does whenever she needs to manipulate Rex. Again, Gabrielle? Look how well that's worked in the past.

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